24 August 2005

Cookie Hold Up

So...After my human event class yesterday there really wasn't much more for me to do in the day. The English was read..The sleep was acquired. I decided to wander.
Upon this wandering escapade, I, discovered 5th floorers Dani, Lara and Matt baking some cookies before the evenings cookie social. I decided to join the fun and then after bringing down the peanut-butter cookie batter from 5, the elevator decided to break down causing a few to be stuck in it(which we didn't know at the time). Two female friendly campus police came...smelled the cookies and continued their work. One partner took the stairs to the second floor to see if anyone was stuck. The second partner emphatically accepted our offer of a chocolate-chip cookie. We heard a crackle on her com. "repeat" she cried back. Then immediatly she informed us, "Someone's stuck!! Gotta go!!" After shoving the whole cookie in her mouth, she bolted to the stairwell as duck with its tail feathers lit.
I don't know if this makes much sense..just add in my usual faces and gestures and hopefully it will be just as funny to you as well. And then I found 5 euros..Dang it. I'm in America...$6.21. That oughta be about right!

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Emile said...

mmmm chocolate-chip cookies ;)