22 August 2005

College Life

I was planning on uploading some photos of my campus for you all on flickr.com but I uploaded our cheese party photos from last night instead and ran out of my monthly allotment of space. So I guess you will just have to wait until Sept. (which of course rebekah is the best month ever right?!?) I am finding my way around pretty well now. Yesterday wasn't as good. The is the view from my dorm. The "A" is white now since the freshman white-washed it the other day. I have met with a group called the Navigators a few times now. The first 'official' meeting is tomorrow. I really think this may be the Christian group for me. They are awesome people. I had my first class its morning so now I am sitting eating lunch in the Memorial Union thanks to this whole technology called wireless internet! Double Score!! Well, I am talking to a few of you online so I will go to put my full attention there. Take care my peeps. And remember...jij kan kom chilla als ja willa! (Not pick up Jeanie!)


Anonymous said...

Ik kom nog wel een keertje chillen, dude ;)


Mattias said...

my students club was from Navigators as well!! Awesome!!