09 August 2005

30 can be a pretty cool number too...

So today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

I guess i take it for granted that i do have two loving parents(even if i don't always feel that way.) Even though i want the rock-star drug abused jail bird then came to know God story...i am glad to have been raised in the enviornment i was. It's rough being back home and seeing how they have changed. I just and stubborn sometimes..well, let's face it, a lot, but i still and thankful for their support in my life.

I just returned from star and fire-gazing at Grapevine Lake with some friends. Why is it God shows me people whom both i can be comfortable with as well as am willing to let them get to know me just before leaving yet again. That kinda stinks. But to the title of this blog. Thanks mom and dad..you may not here it in person just yet, but thanks(for almost everything *wink*). Here's my hope to 30 more!

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