19 August 2005

Diminished Dreams

So for whoever cares i am at ASU right now...too tired to type anything else as i have been awake for 23 hours! Photos coming soon after i seek out revenge at the airling personal who took my silver lighter that alexa gave me almost 3 years ago!!! I AM SO BITTER!!!! This is the lighter that started the collection. Just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait! *shaking dirty fist in general direction*


Anonymous said...

ooh hey, I found out what happened to the photo's you took with your regular camera but thought that you lost (or that Joseba took it). Turns out that Mattias had it and he gave it to Delaja.

I hope everything is to your liking in Arizona.


Bethany said...

You know it's not really the airline person's fault. they have rules set in place so that people like you can't set the person next to you on fire.

i thought of you today.
it was when i was reading your blog

Jordan said...

Alicia...You're a little rebel. There is a sign when you walk through security warning you, in order to avoid this feeling of bitterness. I hope you are doing well, check your messages and call me back

Brent said...

Does anybody there start sentences with, "Hey, are you new here? Hot enough for ya?"

Craig said...

I'm in Lubbock!! We are both on our own now. Isn't it great?