31 July 2005

Free At Last...


I am uber-excited. For 75 dollars i now have two repaired xbox's after a power surge in Egmond almost 5 months ago! Thank you Chad James. jij bent mij nu held door(voor?) twee uur...den ariel is het nog een keer. BUDankt! Off to save the world from aliens and read some comics! yea for sunday papers.

29 July 2005

Lappy 486

Early birthday for Alicia!!! I just got a new laptop. Yes, folks...unlimited msn messenger and flickr photo updates from now on! Happy Birthday to me!

28 July 2005

heard this today

sin is what we do when we're not satisfied with God" wow—I started
pondering where I find satisfaction. hope your week is going well,
also, a few of you were having trouble remembering my quote from last
night so here it is:
Complacency, contentedness, and comparisson are all excuses we use
for our relationship wth God. -adg
One last one for the day:
Good friends are like stars.........You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

27 July 2005


"Every Missionary is Trying to Work Themselves Out of a Job."

i don't really consider myself a missionary. Just beacause of how people normally interpret the term. Yet, when it comes to Holland and this aspect...i think i accomplished this. As bitter-sweet as that is.

Influence of Brian Regan

Ik geef geen geel doodlezachen, maar Ariel geeft alles.

try saying that! very few can...properly.

26 July 2005

The Vibrations in the Floor...

This morning i woke up, actually for those of you who really know me it was more like rolling out of bed.

I walked into the barren living room with two cds in mind. The new TFK or Foo Fightersa disc 2. I've had that one on repeat in my truck for quite some time so i choose my beloved TFK. There is nothing like The Art of Breaking pounding through this muesum feel house. You know, the type of house where if you touch something wrong your parents say it will break. I haven't felt this way since i was 5. Well, needless to say i missed this sound system in Holland. I took a shower and could still hear the poetry through the beating water. I'm off to Hurricane Harbor to help out with the mid-schoolers today. Can't wait to come home for once!

25 July 2005

We could be on to something here...

These are my favs..try your own. Here.

Your detective name is Moose Marcus
Your rock star name is Sour Patch Kids Tiger
Your punk rock band name is The Blij Slinky

also, last night was cool. i may be blending back in as i try to make the most of my time here. switching to camougo.

24 July 2005

Missing Home...

"Where is home
when places come
and people go
It's where my friends are
and my heart
can't wait for home

T.S.O. once wrote this and it kinda stuck. Today I am missing my home. I think of youth contact and what they are doing. I think of what I used to do Sundays six months ago before I left. I think of T.S.O. and what she is doing today. I know it's not good. I'm still in this 'America stinks' phase. In a few weeks I'll probably get over it and move on but right now this is where I am. In-between time stinks. Especially for one who loves to be involved (especially in background things). What do I do? I am just going to try and make the most of this time. It is here for a reason. Time is God's precious gift to us, how we use our time is our gift back to God. Here I go. Frisbee beckons.

22 July 2005

Definitions of Names

Alexa - Means: Protector of Mankind
Alicia - Means: Of Noble Birth
Ariel - Means: Lion of God
Diana - Means: Divine
Laura - Means: Laurel-Crowned
James - Means: Supplanter
Jean - Means: God is Gracious
Marcel - Means: Young Warrior
Rachel - Means: Innocent Lamb
Guido - Means: Forest Guide
Ilse - Means: Consecrated to God
Justin - Means: Just or True
Kristy - Means: Christ-bearer
Erin - Means: Ireland
Jude - Means: One who is praised
Craig - Means: From the Crag
Amanda - Means: Worthy of Love
Katie - Means: Pure, Virginal
Daniel - Means: God is my Judge
Phil - Means: Lover of horses (odd that ariel is a lion)
Austin - Means: From the name AUGUSTIN
John - Means: God is Gracious, Merciful
MAria - Means: Bitter Sea
Kayla - Means: Wise Child
Bethany - Means: Life-town near Jerusalem
Phyllis - Means: Green Leaf
Brent - Means: from high on the hill
Lionel - Means: Lion Cub
Dustin - Means: Warrior
Michael - Means: Who is like God?
Heather - Means: A Flowering Plant

that's all i got for now. sorry if i left your name out. i got tired. Go to birthday alarm to try for yourself. I kinda like the 'of noble birth' thing. My father is on the throne (mijn Vader is op de troon for all you dutch-folk) in heaven(hemmel) you know. Doei! (that means good-bye!)

Some things i've realized...

I like buttons

Noodle can be a dangerous term

The Ninja Turtles can help out with a lot of life's philosophies

Being a daughter is pretty cool when you have two sets of paretns *wink*

I appriciate my bike here SO much more now

I miss speaking Dutch

21 July 2005

Catch This Phrase...


This is the phrase i wish to pass on at CBC. It seems to be going well so far. what do you think? of wat dink jij? of zo iets. p.s. Happy 21st my liefjes!

19 July 2005


Leaving can be a tricky thing...especially when duck tape is involved...

So i don't really feel as if i am leaving behindmy home here. The walls are bare and give off a slightly hollow echo from the filled laughter. The bags sit packed waiting for a few last minuate items. I don't feel like i'm really leaving behind this world i've adopted as my own for six months. i'm beginning to understand what my sister meant when she said it would feel this weird. I wonder how much i really have changed or whatever. only going home and hearing people tell me i can't go a sentance without throwing in some random dutch or wow what a cool tattoo (just kidding mom!)but really. i guess i realize my time is up and must simply fulfill the motions now. 3 weeks to unpack, pack and then move to Arizona. Here i go...

08 July 2005

Burning Stop

Last night i was at the coolest place with two of my most favoritist people ever!

I got an idea a few omnths ago and carried it out. Ariel, Alexa and myself went to the Coldplay concert last night in Arnhem, Holland for their birthday gifts. I had such a great time! The music was great, the atmosphere was (well how can i out this?) Dutch, and i wanted to savor each moment. The clocks ticked, tears streamed down faces, white shawdows was overpowering and of course the yellow head blood-rushed scientist was present. I love observing people. It has always been a passion of mine (almost as much a passion as pushing buttons is!). A concert just seems like the perfect place to put that passion into practice. it's funny how different people are even when they are related in the same family. i love lyrics, for me...to enjoy a concert requires some active participation, some sitting and savoring, and of course singing along to every song as loudly as desired since no one else can hear your voice when it is lost in the multitide. Alexa is the more active participation. Her rock-fist shins with a small light to cheer on the group. Clapping and standing is a must. I think she really wanted to be close to the stage with the rest of the hard-corers. Then there is Ariel, she also watches others, sings along to the few words she knows, and then soaks in the atmosphere. I think it is cool that i had one to my right and the other on my left. i thank God for friends and the impact they have in our lives. I think there are a few things here i am underestimating my missing...the people, youth contact, and the way of life. Until the time comes upon which i must depart...i will enjoy knowing, it shall not be long before a home-coming is due.