08 July 2005

Burning Stop

Last night i was at the coolest place with two of my most favoritist people ever!

I got an idea a few omnths ago and carried it out. Ariel, Alexa and myself went to the Coldplay concert last night in Arnhem, Holland for their birthday gifts. I had such a great time! The music was great, the atmosphere was (well how can i out this?) Dutch, and i wanted to savor each moment. The clocks ticked, tears streamed down faces, white shawdows was overpowering and of course the yellow head blood-rushed scientist was present. I love observing people. It has always been a passion of mine (almost as much a passion as pushing buttons is!). A concert just seems like the perfect place to put that passion into practice. it's funny how different people are even when they are related in the same family. i love lyrics, for me...to enjoy a concert requires some active participation, some sitting and savoring, and of course singing along to every song as loudly as desired since no one else can hear your voice when it is lost in the multitide. Alexa is the more active participation. Her rock-fist shins with a small light to cheer on the group. Clapping and standing is a must. I think she really wanted to be close to the stage with the rest of the hard-corers. Then there is Ariel, she also watches others, sings along to the few words she knows, and then soaks in the atmosphere. I think it is cool that i had one to my right and the other on my left. i thank God for friends and the impact they have in our lives. I think there are a few things here i am underestimating my missing...the people, youth contact, and the way of life. Until the time comes upon which i must depart...i will enjoy knowing, it shall not be long before a home-coming is due.


kaylah said...

holy crap i'm so jealous!!!

Bethany said...

me 2

Maria said...

whats your address? i'm sorry the box hasnt come, i moved and lost it

Anonymous said...

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