26 July 2005

The Vibrations in the Floor...

This morning i woke up, actually for those of you who really know me it was more like rolling out of bed.

I walked into the barren living room with two cds in mind. The new TFK or Foo Fightersa disc 2. I've had that one on repeat in my truck for quite some time so i choose my beloved TFK. There is nothing like The Art of Breaking pounding through this muesum feel house. You know, the type of house where if you touch something wrong your parents say it will break. I haven't felt this way since i was 5. Well, needless to say i missed this sound system in Holland. I took a shower and could still hear the poetry through the beating water. I'm off to Hurricane Harbor to help out with the mid-schoolers today. Can't wait to come home for once!

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