24 July 2005

Missing Home...

"Where is home
when places come
and people go
It's where my friends are
and my heart
can't wait for home

T.S.O. once wrote this and it kinda stuck. Today I am missing my home. I think of youth contact and what they are doing. I think of what I used to do Sundays six months ago before I left. I think of T.S.O. and what she is doing today. I know it's not good. I'm still in this 'America stinks' phase. In a few weeks I'll probably get over it and move on but right now this is where I am. In-between time stinks. Especially for one who loves to be involved (especially in background things). What do I do? I am just going to try and make the most of this time. It is here for a reason. Time is God's precious gift to us, how we use our time is our gift back to God. Here I go. Frisbee beckons.

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