22 July 2005

Definitions of Names

Alexa - Means: Protector of Mankind
Alicia - Means: Of Noble Birth
Ariel - Means: Lion of God
Diana - Means: Divine
Laura - Means: Laurel-Crowned
James - Means: Supplanter
Jean - Means: God is Gracious
Marcel - Means: Young Warrior
Rachel - Means: Innocent Lamb
Guido - Means: Forest Guide
Ilse - Means: Consecrated to God
Justin - Means: Just or True
Kristy - Means: Christ-bearer
Erin - Means: Ireland
Jude - Means: One who is praised
Craig - Means: From the Crag
Amanda - Means: Worthy of Love
Katie - Means: Pure, Virginal
Daniel - Means: God is my Judge
Phil - Means: Lover of horses (odd that ariel is a lion)
Austin - Means: From the name AUGUSTIN
John - Means: God is Gracious, Merciful
MAria - Means: Bitter Sea
Kayla - Means: Wise Child
Bethany - Means: Life-town near Jerusalem
Phyllis - Means: Green Leaf
Brent - Means: from high on the hill
Lionel - Means: Lion Cub
Dustin - Means: Warrior
Michael - Means: Who is like God?
Heather - Means: A Flowering Plant

that's all i got for now. sorry if i left your name out. i got tired. Go to birthday alarm to try for yourself. I kinda like the 'of noble birth' thing. My father is on the throne (mijn Vader is op de troon for all you dutch-folk) in heaven(hemmel) you know. Doei! (that means good-bye!)


Brent said...

You gotta be careful about the names thing...Tracy and I got 3 baby books as gifts and discovered pretty quickly that names could have three different meanings. For example, my name meant, "proud" "tall" and "upright" depending on the book. Now, apparently, it means "on a high hill." Hmmmm.

chris. said...

Christina - Means: Christ-bearer

thought i would do it for you...lol. :)

good seeing you again! hopefully i will get a chance to talk with you more before you leave again! catch ya later!

ShammiKapoor said...
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