28 December 2009

Singing Songs to Someone they've Ignored...

At the beginning of the month, I went to a choir concert three of the girls from the freshmen Bible Study were in. One of the perks of the job I suppose! It was in an older church downtown with a full sized organ and stained glass windows. I was very pleased to find out the majority of the songs, whether in English or not, referenced Christ and his life and birth so that Santa was not the focus.

The songs were sung beautifully and I couldn't help but think, 'some of these students have no idea what they are singing about!' They have no idea the implications Christ's birth, death and Resurrection has for them personally.

At our church's Christmas Eve service, the story was told of how renown Violinist Joshua Bell experimented for the Washington Post by playing his violin in a D.C. metro. People were interviewed who had simply passed him by saying there was nothing spectacular about the violinist that made them stop. People walked by unaware they were missing the opportunity to hear for free a skilled professional! Only at the end does one woman stop and recognize him.

How much more are people in the world seeing reflections of God's glory and love and still still don't stop and thus miss the opportunity of their lifetimes. By the tree had lyrics that I've always loved saying, "The whole world's looking for a sign...missing the ones in plain view."

Let's choose to stop and gaze in wonder and awe at who God is.

12 December 2009

The Rainbow Road...

The Rainbow Road Track was always the most difficult for me when playing Mario Kart as a kid. It is so easy to fall off the edge and while you are focusing so much on every turn, you forget to remember what you just did as you'll have to come back and face it in another lap.

Yesterday driving back to Tempe from Long Beach, it literally poured down raining for over half of the trip! The really neat thing though was as it went through waves every 10-15 min, I could spot a rainbow in between the clouds. Recently reading through the Old Testament again, I keep thinking back to God's promises and how Abraham was mentioned as a man unwavering in belief of God's promise to him being, "fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.(Rom 4)" So as I was driving, I was thinking back to God's rainbow he gave Noah as a symbol of his promise. So I saw rainbows all along my journey and was thinking about how God has moved at Long Beach this semester...

Sometimes I'm so caught up in God's promise I forget to remember it and observe how He is working(...I think the Israelites' had the same problem!) So I fall off of the Rainbow Road. But the promise continues on throughout the entire journey even when we feel like we are simply going in circles doing laps.

How cool is it that none of God's promises have to do with our ability, but God himself. 2 Timothy 2:13 says,
"if we are faithless,
he will remain faithful,
for he cannot disown himself."

What a great thing to know we have a God who is faithful, loving, just, good, omnipotent, sovereign and holy. He gives us rainbows all along the way! Sometimes they are easier to see after a storm, but that makes us appreciate them and stand in awe all the more!

08 December 2009

The Sound of Souls in Unison.

One of my friends in college used to make fun of me for how excited I got during worship song when the church congregation would sing the "la la's" together or even get to clap!

I love clapping in large groups and here's why...there is something about praising God together in those moments I cannot seem to get enough of. The clapping transcends backgrounds or languages or comparing your singing abilities with the person next to you, and simply lifts a unified song up to God.

I used to decide to not clap in making some sort of rebellious Charles Dalton type of move to exercise my right not too; but truly, I came to realize I was only depriving myself of being able to participate in communal worship that was not intended for me, but my Father.

So next time the worship leader encourages to clap, resist rolling your eyes and join along with your family. Let us praise God with clapping!

"Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy.

How awesome is the LORD Most High,
the great King over all the earth! "

Psalm 47:1-2

07 December 2009

NavPress Discount! Spread the word!

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great way to spend 9 min...

13 November 2009


During worship last week, I saw one of those typical worship background images and yet it stuck out to me for some reason. There was a girl standing with her arms raised into the sun as she was silhouetted. Here's the cool thing, her left arm was cutting through the space on the image where the sun was. The glare going back into the camera lens was so bright, the arm disappeared into the sun.

I want my life to be like that.

First, that people can look into my life and not help but see the Son. Second, that my life will continually blend into God's that I may become less and He may become more...

"...when darkness and light collide...light always wins."

06 November 2009

and by his wounds we are healed...

There are so many things I could write about Jesus and how amazing He is in this space. But one way this was expressed in my life today was in my inability to journal. I heard this talk on silence and solitude this past week at our Collegiate conference and something about that struck me. I think it had to deal with how multi-tasking my brain can be.

But this last week I ended up hurting my wrist, so as I sat beneath a large oak tree getting time with God intending to journal out my thoughts...my hand hurt so bad I could not write without pain. So I set down my pen and listened. In Ecclesiastes it says to not be in a hurry to leave the king's presence. So I sat and had a sweet time partially talking, but mostly listening to what my Savior had to say. What a sweet afternoon.

09 October 2009

The Office Wedding Reception...

So in honor of Jim and Pam getting married on the office...we held a wedding reception in one of the dorms at CSULB. Complete with wedding cake, sparkling cider toasts to the Halpert's, wedding pics and dance parties...it was one of the most enjoyable times I've had thus far in Long Beach.

04 October 2009

ROI- Return on Investments

ROI's are an interesting concept. Being able to determine as a company where your resources are best put to use by measuring where a profit is produced and determining what to do in the case of a profit loss by changing the company's game plan.

As believers, we don't have this privilege. We are called to love and love well. This does not mean we always get to see the result of our love in a person's life or we can measure where to invest by numbers or seen gain. We don't always get to see the impact we make in someone's life. We do not get to choose who to not love based on their actions or opinions of us, but we are called to love.

There are people who are easier to love than others, though I don't think that justifies us not loving others well. There are times in life I would love to see a return on my investment in someone. Times where I can see that year I invested in some girl was not a waste, but she is pursuing Christ and helping others do the same along the way. But I don't always get that privileged. God has called me to love, not sit back and watch apathetically.

The other week I heard this comparison that has stuck with me...

As Christians, we are like fans at a football game. All sitting around watching a few guys put all of their practice into reality. But really, we are the ones needing to get on the field and play, not expecting the professionals to do it (pastors, missionaries, etc). But realizing we are all supposed to be out there, ministering, exactly where God has put each of us.

We are not called to sit back blessed by God to be fat and happy cheering on the team on the field, but we are meant to engage, to love.

As scary as it can be, I'm grabbing my helmet of salvation and heading out to the field...you in?

01 October 2009

Great Game!

Man, what a great game! This is one of my favorite photos I took! Notice the ball directly in the top middle! Thanks for the error Angels! Rangers victory at the last Angels home game of the season! That feels good! Thanks Gabe for cheering and Alissa for the b-day gift!

21 September 2009

Gazebos and Gelato

There is a Gazebo in Parker Square that I used to love going to hen it just opened. Van Dyke's Soda Shoppe was there and Parker Square was just in its beginnings so that not too many people knew about it. I took the class of 06 Senior portraits there and could be found making gelato trips on too many occasions to count.

One of my favorite things to do there was to sing Sound of Music's "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" while dancing around and jumping from bench to bench with friends pretending we live in a different time. There is something about pretending life is a musical that is just so amazing to me. You look at the Sound of Music or singing in the rain or Newsies or My Fair Lady that makes life sound so more appealing!

19 September 2009

Beyond Belief

In the past 3 days, I started and finished Josh Hamilton's book, Beyond Belief. There is one line at the end I fell in love with.

"You might still be reading a book about Josh Hamilton if I had not turned my life over to Jesus Christ..."

This Ranger's outfielder gets something I wish I could on a more daily basis. This life is not about us. It is not about how comfortable I am or the house I live in or the car I drive or the places I go to. But "He must become greater, I must become less (Jn. 3:30)."

Sometimes in Long Beach I find my heart yearning for comfort. Wanting close friends to hang out with and Suzi at the local boba place to know my order as I walk in the door. I want so desperately to not get lost going to the grocery store and a place to come home to that feels like my own. But if these things were the case, I would not be following God's will for my life at the moment. It's not about Alicia. It's not about comfort, but obedience. The Christian life goes beyond belief into life and practice.

And though it is hard, Long Beach is my new home. We just don't know each other well yet.

17 September 2009

happy home

You have to love the ability we have to get together as a group of friends and bond over things such as card games and Beatles Rock Band! After a long couple of days passing out flyers and getting the Navigators name out, a bunch of students came over for a night of fellowship and games at mine and Alissa's house (shown on right).

Getting the Beatles new Rock band for the wii for my birthday was such an amazing gift! Thank you mom & dad & the wickett's! It's been great to see & sometimes hear the students rock out!

I challenged a couple of the students to a game called Nertz. I think playing with 10 was a little intense even for me!

22 August 2009

Jeremiah 20:9

Today was an amazing day in Long Beach besides the soreness and sunburns I am experiencing as a result of a 3 1/2 hour bike ride! I spent some time in Jeremiah today and it was neat to see in the midst of people turning their backs on God, how I found encouragement. I was encouraged as in Chapter 18 I remembered sometimes God changes the design of the pot for better as is the potter. Sometimes life may not look how I expected, but it is for good.

Then I read Jeremiah 20:9,

But if I say, “I will not mention him
or speak any more in his name,”
his word is in my heart like a burning fire,
shut up in my bones,
I am weary of holding it in;
indeed, I cannot.

and in response, I came up with this. It is a mixed media piece and it looks different in person, but I like the reminder. Sometimes it is fun to play with other mediums than photography for me though I am not too good at it. What a sweet reminder before the semester starts.

18 August 2009

God of this City

You’re the God of this city
You’re the King of these people
You’re the Lord of this nation
You are

You’re the light in this darkness
You’re the hope to the hopeless
You’re the peace to the restless
You are

There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this city

photo of Los Angeles :: (c) Alicia D. Garcia :: 17 Aug 2009 outside Dodger Stadium

15 August 2009

Story of my Life at the Moment

As of today I am going to be calling California home for the next two years at least. I honestly never thought I'd live there in my lifetime!

Happy Birthday Mom! Sorry I can't be there to tell you in person! I love you!

08 August 2009

Less than one week...

It's been so easy to tell people that Aug. 15th is when I'm packing up and moving to Long Beach, it is harder when that reality is less than a week away.

I know for my mom's birthday this Saturday she would love nothing more than me being in Texas and yet God has called me to CSULB for the next two years. I'm not all the way there yet as I am praying hard for $9, 744 in the next 6 days. It has been a little difficult coming back to the desert of Arizona as I am remembered of what I am going to truly miss so dearly.

It seems so odd to me that I moved to the desert and ended up liking it. It's almost time to pack up once again and head west. God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

27 July 2009

15 books

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. List 15 books you've read that WILL ALWAYS STICK WITH YOU. They should be the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

1. Maniac Magee- amazing book that I still try to read again at least once a year.
2. Dr. Mr. Henshaw - I totally wrote a journal to a friend just like the kid in the book did.
3. Blue Like Jazz- I love the way Donald writes.
4. Zorro by Isabel Allende- One of my all time favorite books! I don't know why I haven't bought a copy. If you get a chance, read it!
5. Too Many Tamales- This was the first book I read aloud on my own.
6. The Book of Bunny Suicides- Alexa first introduced me to it and it's very interesting!
7. The Republic- the cave allegory is one I love using to illustrate God in our society!
8. The Essential Calvin & Hobbes- It's Essential!
9. Humility by C.J.
Mahaney, This book was given to me by a woman on staff at ASU because I house-sat for her...it had some really good stuff that taught me a lot on rest.
10. Case for Faith
11. The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus- the Rhino illustration has stuck
12. Angels & Demons- really intertaining when you take it for what it is...fiction
13. Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
14. The Phantom Tollbooth
15. The Polar Express- when we read this in kindergarten, our teacher lined up the chairs like we were on a train, played a tape with train noises, dimmed the room lights to reveal a Christmas tree and gave us each a hot chocolate with colored marshmellows as she read the book outloud. It was amazing! Thanks Mrs. Murphy!

...your turn!

19 July 2009

empty pages

It seems to me the times I want to look back on and remember are the times I am absolutely horrible at keeping up in my journal! I'm reading in Jeremiah and was thinking about how the Israelites became so distracted they completely forgot all the amazing things God had done for them! I don't want a couple of months or even years to go by and forget all the amazing things God has revealed to me this summer through funding and life. I am going to make it a point to journal more these last few weeks of summer...if you see me, please hold me to it!

15 July 2009

Exactly One Month!

It's so odd for me to try and think that I am only one month away from moving into my new home out in Long Beach. God has led me into this new adventure of serving with the Navigators on EDGE Corps. As I am so excited to get started into this new ministry, it can seem a bit intimidating to start over again.

As weird as it may sound to m Dutch, New Zealand or Texan friends, After four years, I somehow fell in love with the desert unbeknown to me! But God works in His own time and way and has called me to California for this next season. I'm really excited for the training and experience as well as I feel blessed to be able to have Bible study twice a month with dear friends who know me and encourage me!

I truly am excited for this next adventure...I just can't believe it's all coming up so fast! One month!

04 July 2009

He knows...

One of the stories that has resonated in my heart since my time in Colorado has been Mark 12:1-12. It is the story of a paralytic being brought to Jesus by his friends.

Some men came, bringing to him a paralytic, carried by four of them. Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus and, after digging through it, lowered the mat the paralyzed man was lying on. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, "Son, your sins are forgiven." (v. 3-5 NIV)

I think of being one of the other people in the room having dirt and debris from the roof falling around them. The sun was creeping in to the packed room through the expanding hole. And yet one of the things I love the most is this man's friends simply knew they had to get him to Jesus. After lowering the paralytic through the hole they didn't give Jesus instructions or tell Him what their friend's need were. They just got him there. And Jesus's response was a greater need than maybe the friends knew...He forgave the man's sin. And then after knowing what the others were thinking Jesus told the man to take his mat and walk as well.

Well, if this room were really crowded and as the verse states, the man took his mat and made his way through the wall to wall crowd to go home. He probably had to maneuver through the amazed crowd just to get out the door!

But here is the part that sticks with me! Sometimes I don't know exactly what my friends need prayer for at the time. Sometimes prayer requests can deter as our humanness may block out of fear what is really going on. So what I am doing in particular for a friend of mine is just praying to put her in front of Jesus. I have no idea what exactly is going on in her heart, but I know Jesus has the answer. I'm not going to lie, she has been through a lot these past few months. So I pray and do what I can to dig through that roof and lower her at His beautiful feet. And as she is lowered through the hole and presented before Him, I pray she looks up and sees Him as well.

02 July 2009

Welcome to Babylon


There are a lot of announcements...but I truly enjoyed this message from my church back in Arizona.

01 July 2009

Trusting God...

Most of the 10 days I spent in training at Colorado Springs had something dealing with the idea of trusting God. When I think of trusting God to provide in what may seem to me as strange or odd ways, I can't help but think of Elijah and the ravens feeding him in 1 Kings 17. So meet Elijah the duck. He is being given exactly what he needs by God, who is using a bird to provide.

This is my desktop background so while I am fund-raising $34,000 by Aug. 15th, I won't forget who my bread is ultimately coming from. Will you join me in praising God for the work I know He is doing and is going to do?

29 June 2009

worse than silence...

I love Gomer Pyle. I remember waking up on the weekends and watching this show with my sister. I love how not everything is black and white like the Sargent thinks. I think sometimes we go about things in the wrong way. Preparation is good, but ultimately, decisions have to be made for individuals on their own. Here is the cool thing though, as believers, we are here to hold one another accountable and help see truth where Satan loves to keep it hidden. Gomer gets the point in knowing when to stop role-playing long enough to help Duke, his fellow marine, up. Even if in training Duke had his thumb injured, he probably learned to not stand off-balance, but instead to stand firm.

Though they are instructed to not pause, it is important to know when we need to stop what we are doing to try and help someone out. It's the idea of caring for someone else more than what you think they will think of you. It's caring for someone enough to tell them the truth in the way they need to hear it. There is something special about community, it is not just about living life all happy and contrite, but it is about living life together. And the reality of that is sometimes you do get to celebrate joy with one another, but other times you get to speak truth and appear as the 'bad guy' or outsider. Then there are times yet where you have truth spoken to you.

I think of the scene in Remember the Titans where Gary has a choice to make between letting Ray stay on the team even though he didn't block for Rev or telling him he's off the team. I can imagine that was perhaps one of the most difficult things Gary ever had to do. But sometimes we have to tell our friends the hard things...even if it means losing them for a bit in some capacity. I don't think anyone really likes being Gary in that situation...but how much worse would it have been for him to remain silent?

26 June 2009


So if you know anything about my time with the Navigators at Arizona State, you can bet our campus director Mike Bedient played a large part in why I have grown in Christ these past four years. As he has stepped in numerous times on my behalf, I now come to you on his behalf. Mike is currently leading a team of staff and students in Russia where he and his family used to minister for years.

Mike just had a heart attack while over there and is currently in a hospital in Pushkin. PLEASE PRAY FOR MIKE'S HEALTH! These past two days I have seen tons of spiritual warfare so please pray for Navigator ministries at ASU and other campuses as Satan would love to have a foothold. Clothe Long Beach and Arizona State with prayers speaking of the power of the blood of Christ. Pray for Mike's family as they are in Arizona and are eager to find out news of their father's health.

I'll keep updated as soon as I know anything.


Thank you for standing in the gap in prayer. Here is a prayer update I received on our campus director, Mike. He is in stable condition, and they have to transfer him to a hospital in Berlin for a procedure. Things are still critical and unknown, so please keep praying:

  • Please pray that Mike will stay strong during the flight transfer - they had to find some specialized equipment in order to transport him - and there was concern regarding whether or not Mike was strong enough for the flight
  • Please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors and decision-makers - they still need to run some important tests in order to better assess the situation
  • Mike's family is understandably very shaken by this - pray for peace and comfort for Sheri and the kids
  • This has all been very taxing (emotionally and physically) on the remaining mission team in Russia - please pray for strength and wisdom to continue the work as God leads
  • Pray that God would be glorified through this! Especially in Russia, as many Russians have been deeply affected by this
"O Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is full redemption" Psalm 130:7

UPDATE 11:24pm Sat. night

In case you haven't heard, Mike will have bypass surgery sometime during the next 12 hours. He is now at a heart specialty hospital in Berlin. Sheri is staying with a sister of a German Navigator. Praise God for His family! Keep Praying!!

We got an update from Sheri. It turns out that Mike had a DOUBLE bypass instead of quadruple. He is still in an induced coma, although it is gradually being reduced. Sheri says he may as well sleep because of all the stuff he is is hooked up to! The doctors say he is progressing as they would expect and hope. They are talking of 7-10 days in intensive care. They still have a long road ahead of them.

24 June 2009

Good Advice...

A dear friend of mine left me some very special advice..."If you get exhausted, or depressed, or overwhelmed or something, check out Isaiah 40:28-29. Or really all of Isaiah 40, and just remember how great and comforting our God is." Reading over this passage has been very encouraging to me during the stressful, tedious, and somewhat scary times in funding school.

I only have a day and a half left in Colorado, but it has been an amazing time. It's so amazing to me to see how God brought together 30 individuals and in just under 10 days made us feel truly like family members.

I just wish I could be in Tempe today to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of my best friends in person! So, happy birthday Brad!

19 June 2009


How many people get the privilege to say their job training takes place at a castle?

These past four days have been really encouraging as I prepare to venture into the next season of life God has called me into. I've made a bunch of new friends who have a passion to see Christ's irreversible truths spread onto college campuses and into our own styles of ministry. I still can't believe sometimes that I am a college graduate. Please continue to pray for my friends serving in Russia and if you feel so led, pray for those of us in training as well as we prepare to minister on college campuses in New York, Iowa, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, and even Australia.

14 June 2009

For Amers...Caption Contest

So this is the chosen shot of the day...
I thought I'd be fun to have one of those caption contests here! So write a caption for this photo and post it and I'll pick a winner! The winner will get a very special prize!!!

11 June 2009

For the joy of Russia!!!

So I'm coming to you asking for prayers for my brothers and sisters who currently are somewhere over the ocean on their way to spend the next few weeks in Pushkin, Russia. This team will be teaching English and sharing the gospel with as many as 45 students coming to the English camp.

Here is why this is close to my heart...

1) Because people are close on God's heart, so they should also be close on ours. Some of these students have been around for the summer teams for years on end and a few of them even came out to Arizona last year. God is working here! Pray these students want to take more steps towards Christ! How cool would it be in heaven to be able to meet someone you could be praying for now?!?

2) The people on this team are primarily staff and students involved with the Navigators in both Arizona and California. What a cool opportunity for God to stretch and grow each of the team and encourage them to trust Him above all.

Along with that, the woman who has discipled me this past year is on this team as well... Sarah Short has been nothing less than a prayer warrior, mentor, encourager, challenger and amazing friend to me in my senior year at ASU. I just served one week with her at a Christian music festival called spirit west coast (you can read more about it on her blog here), and now she is off to spend two weeks serving in Russia. Though commiting her summer to God, she has lost much financial support this past year due to the economy and her funding increased. Here is a copy of prayer requests she wrote in an e-mail both for her and for the trip...

--For travel safety for our team & for unity amongst our team. Pray that the Russians would see Christ through how we love and relate to one another (John 17)

--Pray for us as we teach English—pray that the classroom discussions would draw the Russians out and lead them to ask deeper questions about life.

--Pray for the evening personal belief discussion—pray that the students would take an interest in attending these optional sessions and for them to seek truth.

--Pray for the gospel to advance in Russia; we want to be instruments for God’s use, so pray that we would know and follow His leading.

--Pray for spiritual protection during this time.

--For me personally, would you pray for my energy to press on? The last 3 weeks have been intense, and I don’t want fatigue to be a hindrance. Pray that I can engage deeply with people and know God’s strength.

Would you join me in praying for this Russia team? Also, please pray for my friend that God would be faithful in providing her fundraising so she may return to ASU in the fall on time and serve other women just as she served me this past year. Your few minutes spent praying for God's joy to be spread in Russia are not in vain! God won't give us the nations unless we remember to ask! Thank you for YOUR hearts following after God's! Press on dear friends!

04 June 2009

"I have stilled and quieted my soul..."

...a challenge for me.

It is something I've always been bad at doing and yet I see such a grand benefit in it. Sometimes I feel guilty resting knowing how much needs to be done, and yet by taking the time to rest I can accomplish what needs to be done both more efficiently and cheerfully. Both of which are important. So today I took some time aside for me and God...I feel able to function again. Rest has always been challenging for me, but as a good friend reminded me maybe I should be thanking God for this time instead of wishing for it to fly by. Only 11 more days in Texas until I leave for training and then come back full force to raise funds for the next year. Please pray in this economical time God will already be stirring hearts who have a desire to back God's work that I'll be blessed to have a part in next year through the Navigators. Maybe start praying how you can be trusting God with your finances through giving in general, even if not to the Navs, as many people are shying away in a time they could trust God the most. My prayer for each of you is you can run away with God and rest sometime soon...He's waiting.

03 June 2009

Nav Year in Rewind!

This is the video I put together to celebrate the 08-09 school year for the amazing ASU Navigators...enjoy. (It is in two parts)

02 June 2009

my apologies...

I'm sorry to hear the photos didn't show up on the last Texas post, so sorry if I left any of you hanging, but I made it back alive!

It's been a long few weeks with finals, then graduation, then Spirit West Coast and now back in Texas...here are two of my favorite pics from SWC to hopefully make up for all that were missing from the last post!

30 May 2009

movin' to Tejas y'all...

I thought to keep myself entertained as i head back to Texas, I'd share my journey with you guys!
It all started when I got back from the Navigators Summer Mission Program at Spirit West Coast on Tues...
It was a sad sight to see empty condos!
After 3 hard days the room was finally cleaned out!

I think the puppy was really sad to see me go!

She wanted to come to Texas, the happy heart state, with me!

But Tom Tom and I headed out alone...

We went through a 2 hour lightning storm! How cool to see God work as I was driving.

New Mexico...land of enchantment....I still don't buy it.

Getting closer to home!

It's starting to get dark...

I felt like reaching 85,000 miles was an accomplishment!

Finally! Texas! Home for the night in El Paso.

SNL and Bedtime!!! Goodnight!!!

16 May 2009

On to Frosty Weather...

Nature's first green is gold

Her hardest hue to hold

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

I think Frost was on to something as he discussed the reality of items of gold eventually having to go away. I've spent four years in the desert as a maroon and gold Sun Devil and today was officially the last day of the graduation festivities. When Frost spoke of Nothing gold being able to remain, he spoke of innocence and beauty being corrupted by the world. As I reflect on my time here at ASU, I can't stay here in the Maroon and Gold. I have to move on. It's an amazing thing to know the God of the universe has a plan for me that requires me walking in faith towards the treasure He has for me. I like that the treasure is not necessarily one of gold and wealth (i always was more a fan of silver anyway ;p), but a treasure of His love and glory and hte ability to share that truth with others. I look forward to these nest two years. I feel odd in the fact it is all actually over. In my graduation ceremony I keep trying to tell myself, 'alicia, you are the one he is talking about...this speech is for you. It's all over now. No more school.' And yet it still hasn't truly sunk in. I think when I am on campus ministering in the fall and yet not having to go to class it all may finally sink in. But for now I feel lost in the present. I know I am packing up the condo I have lived in for two years and leaving for Texas in just over a week, and yet the thought of having my diploma and being done forever is just a weird feeling for me to grasp my head and heart around.

plus, i always look for a time to insert a Frost poem. :)

10 May 2009

Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city.

Acts 18:9-10....good stuff!

This has been my prayer for my friends remaining in Arizona through the next school year. The past couple of days, I've accepted it as a prayer for myself as well. I;, really no good at remembering to pray for myself. I was offering up peace from God for a friend so she wouldn't have nightmares tonight, and I remembered it has been a few days since I've really talked to God about everything I'm processing with graduating and moving on. In some ways, I feel like if I don't talk to God about it, it's not all really happening! But I know that's not true.

I'm freaking out about moving on...the details of moving and selling things and giving things away as long as the crazy drive back to Texas...it can all be overwhelming, but considering I still have 3 finals left I don't really have time to focus on it all right now. I've been thinking a lot about Paul as I just re-read Acts this semester. i think of how his heart longed to visit places he had been and yet God called him to move on. I know next year and even over the summer I am going to long to be back in the desert, but God has told me to move on and trust the plan He has made for me. If I'd been asked even a year ago if I thought I'd be doing full-time ministry with the Navigators after graduation I'm pretty sure I'd smile a little and have said no. But look at God's ways! Praise Him they are much better than mine. But it is scary sometimes to move forward.. the first step is always so scary.

As Jason reminded me it's like driving at night...you can only see as far as the headlights go, but you can make the whole trip that way.

Will you pray with me for a community of heart friends and authenticity next year? Pray for a few girls I can really invest in and pray for me to be able to use my love for art for His glory? Also, please pray I can be a good steward of my time, both in serving and resting next year. I know when entering new situations I tend to go all in and forget about myself and my need to rest. Speaking of which...I need to pray. For me for once...it's time I stop forgetting and recognize my father is waiting.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

02 May 2009

Mental Block

I haven't blogged because frankly I don't feel as if I have much to say lately. It's how I feel about most of my life right now. I feel a mental block. Emotions have been flooding over me this past week as I've had a lot of "lasts." Last SALT meeting, last day of class, last Nav Night, last cut from an art project for a grade (hopefully...i still have a week until my project is due!), last discipleship meeting, last time fountain hopping....a lot of lasts. I'm excited for next year and the "new thing" God has told me He will be doing, but I can't help crying while I thank Him for the old things I have and He has blessed me with while in the desert these four years. My first Navigator meeting I walked into the room and met a lot of people. The first worship song we sang was "Blessed Be Your Name." There is a line in the song that says,
Blessed Be Your name When I'm found in the desert place.

You see, it was at that time God put a peace in my heart I couldn't then describe.
For the first time I realized I was in the desert. I was in a place God needed
to humble me and let me have His name be blessed and not my own. He needed me
to praise Him for who He is. And through the process, God has given me great
gifts found in amazing friends to encourage and teach me along the way. As I
was reaching out in the desert, I thank God for His hand already being there
ready to grasp mine and help me up. I'm ready to leave the desert. But the
tears may still come as I move into the "new thing" God has in store.
To all my friends in the desert with me...thank you.

18 April 2009

Good Friends....

...are good for the soul.

12 April 2009

Post #401

What an amazing week spent focusing on Christ and what he has done. When we realize it is His blood that continually covers our sin, it is amazing to see the unity and love that erupts from being around other believers. On Friday we hosted a prayer labyrinth in the Secret Garden on campus. The idea was stolen from my CBC family, altered in 2005 for my Dutch family, and re-altered back to English for my Sun Devil family. It was a sweet thing to see other students and faculty walk up and enjoy spending time with Jesus remembering all He has and is doing for us.

Saturday the Servant and Leadership Team (student leaders in the Navigators) drove up to Sedona and went hiking in the rain. My heart remembered bush walking in New Zealand through the creek as we walked by the greens. As we jumped over rivers and climbed off the path I thought of Colorado which God used to change my heart back in 2002. And as the rain soaked us to the bone, I remembered Holland and all the people who yearned for a break in the rain and yet needed the cleansing it brought more than they even realized! Then my heart wandered to the present and thought of all it is leaving soon. These friends and family and the home I've come to know in Arizona these past 4 years. I can't believe it's been that long! Don't tell my friend Sarah because I do still LOVE Texas, but I don't dislike Arizona as much anymore. You could say it's grown on me (though I'll never admit it in person!) By being away from water and lakes, I've just learned to appriciate it more.

Then after Sunday morning service, my heart was reignitied as we discussed the meaning behind two new paintings in our prision ministry. I want to serve God through art. I want the nations to proclaim His glory! We had an amazing lunch with 17 of us today, but my heart still yearns for more. Just a little more time in the desert. I'm trying to soak it all in.

As a few of us did in Sedona across the canyon, my heart cries out to God in Praise for what He has done; for the sacrifice He has made; and for the love He is currently showing me through the midst of it all.

One month and two days until graduation...Eeeeeek!

17 March 2009

run away

There is one spot at ASU that I claim for my own. On a campus where 80,000 people can be surrounding you on a given day, I like to run away every now and again. There is a bowl shapped area of grass by the music building on campus. Maybe you don't understand how special that last phrase was. There is a place of green grass. Lusish, beautiful, vibrant green grass out here in Arizona! In the desert is a small place of green grass! (got it yet?) Anyways, on this rare and beautiful patch of grass you will find a tree. It is perfect for leaning on and due to the bowl shapped land, this place blocks all others out fo view. And just for a little bit, you may believe you are the only one on the campus.

This sanctuary is one of my favorite places to talk to God. No one else is around to influence, just me and my Lord. Needless to say, class was cancelled today and my spot and I were reunited for one glorious hour. I think God wanted to chat. I like that.

05 March 2009

The Office Visits ASU

We filmed this for the Sunland Regional Conference a few weekends ago. Hope you enjoy! It's 1 min. longer than the final version. If you love the office, you'll probably get more from this than the average person!



Congratulations! The EDGE Corps Director's Team would like to officially invite you to join our 2009 EDGE Corps Class!

02 March 2009


Here are 2 of the first 10 photos I took with my new camera! The first is just a moment of "ah" God gave me as i looked through my camera's lens the first time! Kinda a cool initiation as I want to use my work to serve Him! The second is a flower behind my neighbor's house. So pretty!

01 March 2009

the stem of echoes.

We walk together, footsteps echoing through the trees
Our steps possess the same rhythm,
Though the reason for which they beat does not align

One step in line with the others sounds the same
The same as one step marched to the beat of the heart.
The mind tells the foot to move,
The heart tells it where to go
The path moves along in its own way.

Thus, the mind, heart, and path venture together,
The destinations may vary,
But only one leads out of the forest.

10 February 2009

Thanks be to the creator above...

see the clouds? and the little lake? and the perfect spot for me to talk to God?

Yeah, perfect weather for the hour I sat here...just enough refreshment to help me get through the bad news a phone call brought later on. But thanks be to the sovereign Lord who knows what he is doing in the midst of our confusion and trials.

2 Cor. 1:3-5

03 February 2009

car wash

There are some things that will always and forevermore remind me of my home and family in Texas.

Two of them I am accomplishing today.

The second is grilling. At Bible Study tonight we are throwing some burgers on and grilling out! Every time I lite up the grill I can't help but thinking of our backyard.

The first thing is washing and waxing my car. I tend to take an extra long time on my car as I think back to the garage and just exactly how my dad taught me to do it. You crank up the beach boys or other oldies and go at it. You put extra time on the side of the car being sure to wash around the decorative edging. You dry the car quickly so the sun cannot streak it. You wax everywhere and be extra sure you removed it all. You wipe down the leather, vacuum out the interior and clean the console. You Windex the windows and at the end you take a step back to admire your work.

Then comes my favorite part as a child, rinsing out the sponges. You get to fill the sponges with water and step on them to squish the soap out. When I was younger I used to sit in the bucket pretending I was on a ship as the hose water flowed around me. I got to spray down the driveway and dad to finish cleaning up the work site sometimes. Some may call it child labor...but their just lazy! It was bonding with my pops and learning how to take care of the possessions God is lending to me. So here's to my little car that is outside shinning and a little more happy! And here's to my parents who taught me responsibility!

28 January 2009

25 random things

Paul tagged me on facebook so I figured why not!

here are 25 random things you may or may not know about me...

1. I judge movies based on the fonts of the opening credits...you can thank 4 years of high school journalism for that one!

2. When I photograph people, I make up names and stories for their lives

3. I have a small collection of license plates from different states in hopes of one day opening up a poetry/art cafe somewhere, someday

4. Though I am technically an art major, when I draw...my stick figures are deformed.

5. I will probably take Flintstones vitamins over adult ones for many more years

6. I secretly want to quit school and become a pool shark.

7. I love traveling and airports...I think it's because I like to watch people so much.

8. I have a photo series of church signs and kids on leashes.

9. One of my favorite jobs i've ever had was working for Santa and getting to dress up as Bumbles.

10. Sometimes I go on long drives just to rock out to Dutch techno.

11. I'm self-conscious about my toes because my sisters used to call them short and stubby. Link this with why I love squishing my toes into sand to bury them so much!

12. I currently have 7 different styles/colors of duct tape in my room.

13. The only vanilla I like to cook with is Watkins original double strength vanilla.

14. I tend to stop saying one thought and jump to another before finishing a sentence. This annoys some of my best friends a lot!

15. If someone touches my ears I tend to have a Chuck Norris type reflex I cannot stop.

16. I'm not a big fan of chocolate unless it is in the form of mini snickers or ice cream...Sour Patch Kids; however, are a quick way to get to my heart.

17. One of my dreams is to purchase a cake from Charm City Cakes, but I fear I couldn't come up with a worthy enough idea.

18. I used to be able to stare into the sun for 5 minutes straight as a kid, and now I have a stigmatism...go figure!

19. If my sheets aren't clean before bedtime, I will stay awake longer just to watch them then go to bed dirty.

20. Sometimes I buy movies based not on if I love them, but if I think friends would watch them with me.

21. When I played softball in high school, I used to illegally wear a cross necklace under my uniform just to remember why I played.

22. I've only been skeet shotting once, but I fell in love with the sport!

23. Texas-shaped cooking objects make my heart happy,

24. I've seen two armadillos in my life and both were right after my grandfather's passed.

25. When I went skydiving, my chute didn't open...luckily the reserve chute did!

Bonus fact :: I secretly die inside every time someone thinks my Holland flag is French or that Dutch is the same as Deutch.

21 January 2009

it's all happening...

I applied for graduation today. Paid ASU 40 bucks and freaked out just a little. I graduate from college in less than 4 months...when did this happen?!?!?!?

20 January 2009

movin' to the country...gonna eat a lot of peaches

I'm really perturbed at the people from Bayer Health Care. For years I've been buying the same daily vitamins and enjoy knowing they would never change. They changed!!! I cannot stand the injustice! Who would add peach into the Flintstones mix?!? Was grape, orange, and cherry not perfect enough? Why must people always try to change things that are great as is. The peach flavor tends to infect the greatness of the rest and my morning vitamins just aren't the same.

Peach flavors should be reserved for cobbler and summer days, but not in my vitamins. Please Bayer, correct this wrong!

12 January 2009

Excuse me Sir may I have another...

"We don't wish for the easy stuff...
we reach for the things that are big, out of reach." -Grey's

I think it is so true that we are never content with what we have. People are always looking for the bigger house, fancier car, better mate, or higher paying job. We want more. We are in the current financial situation in America as loans were approved for people to purchase larger houses that remained empty and were not used to be filled with people or houses way larger than one could afford or need. Status symbols such as these strip society from its ability to function and leave envious hearts discontented.

It is the same with spiritual matters. Africa is the Hollywood of missions as one of my friends once referred. So many want to travel there to be "good" missionaries, and yet by looking into places God may not be calling, there is a sense of telling God, "what you have in store for me is not what I want." It is the same thing when I think on being a single woman. Sometimes I am told I intimidate men by following God or if I think I am "called" to be single.

Well, I believe I am "called" to be single at this point in my life seeing as how I well...I am single. So I wish that to be God's will for my life later on...no. I desire to be a mother, wife, and co-laborer in fighting the good fight with a spouse. But right now God has me single for a reason and I am not going to pout and turn my face blue with where I am right now because I feel so blessed to have the ministry God has given me in Tempe right now! Truly, even if at times it is harder than not!

Whatever happened to "my grace is sufficient for you?" God's got all we need. Who are we to throw the fire escape out the window and look on to the shiny, bigger and better world Satan is trying to lure us with. The more we turn our eyes from God's desires, the more Satan grins.

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. -Philippians 3:12

11 January 2009



I'm back from all of my adventures home in Tempe, AZ! Updates to come! In the meanwhile enjoy and feel free to discuss artistic interpretation on this piece I found at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC! :)

God really did a lot over the last part of break and I'd look forward to catching up with many of you on what I intend to do after school and would love to catch up with most of you anyways! Gods zegen voor ons!