28 December 2009

Singing Songs to Someone they've Ignored...

At the beginning of the month, I went to a choir concert three of the girls from the freshmen Bible Study were in. One of the perks of the job I suppose! It was in an older church downtown with a full sized organ and stained glass windows. I was very pleased to find out the majority of the songs, whether in English or not, referenced Christ and his life and birth so that Santa was not the focus.

The songs were sung beautifully and I couldn't help but think, 'some of these students have no idea what they are singing about!' They have no idea the implications Christ's birth, death and Resurrection has for them personally.

At our church's Christmas Eve service, the story was told of how renown Violinist Joshua Bell experimented for the Washington Post by playing his violin in a D.C. metro. People were interviewed who had simply passed him by saying there was nothing spectacular about the violinist that made them stop. People walked by unaware they were missing the opportunity to hear for free a skilled professional! Only at the end does one woman stop and recognize him.

How much more are people in the world seeing reflections of God's glory and love and still still don't stop and thus miss the opportunity of their lifetimes. By the tree had lyrics that I've always loved saying, "The whole world's looking for a sign...missing the ones in plain view."

Let's choose to stop and gaze in wonder and awe at who God is.

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