20 December 2010

unsure on a Monday

There is a child, standing in the middle of the stream.

Mountains surround the canyon leaving a state of aloneness pending. Where to go, what to do? So scared of making the wrong move, all joints tense to make no movement at all. The stress and mental anguish cause both tears and sweat to fall. The stream picks up pace. Staying stagnant is becoming harder to do. Choices to be made. Move out of the stream or let go with the pace. The child doesn't want to be washed away out of purpose, but what if the purpose lies around the bend. Supposed to get out and dry off? Then what? Would that be Jonahish to do? Or following a voice? But is the voice legit? Pretty sure called to fall and believe the stream for life, but holding out for the green light to turn. All roads may lead to Rome, but streams lead to a larger body of water. One much larger than we can imagine. Trying to think and decide, but a foggy head invades thoughts for the mind.

Onward towards Tuesday for thoughts to grow and the heart to blink.

12 December 2010

Celebrating the Prince of Peace

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

Last tuesday was truly a night where we could invite the students to just spend some extended time in worship and praise with their Creator. Being the last NavNite of the semester, we wanted to pray for one another and focus on Jesus.

Earlier, Lauren, Melissa, and I had focused our time on God's peace and how He provides to us as a resource. Jesus gives peace. Even in the midst of dodging the crazies out at Target and Best Buy buying the latest and greatest gifts for loved ones, we can have peace in our lives.

I think of the story of Jesus on the boat when the disciples were panicked and woke him up to inform him of the oncoming storm...if I were woken up from sleep, I would not have had he same reaction as Christ! I would've been pretty upset or mumbling or asking someone to get me some chai tea before I could function, but He calmed the storm and kept His peace intact right away.

Peace is possible even in the middle of the storms of life, even in the middle of the Christmas crazies running amuck and in the middle of uncertainty where God would have you go in the next season of life.

What a joy to have peace from the Lord and being able to keep in step with the Spirit in such a way. Praise the Prince of Peace who saves us from ourselves!

01 December 2010

moving steps

Have you ever just sat someplace and people-watched? If it were a profession, I'd hurry to find an application! I think my love for people-watching is one of the main reasons I love photography so much.

I asked my campus director the other day if he had a verse that he prays for Long Beach State. I was intrigued to find one of his verses is one I pray as well:

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. (Matthew 9:36)

There is one place on campus I love to watch students go by...the escalator. This is one of the main pathways fro the lower union to the upper-classroom areas and most students walk by looking down fumbling with their phones or ipod...alone.

I can't help but sit in my spot with my ipod resting in one ear praying for each of the students as they walk by. It's not that these students all come from Christian backgrounds and simply have chosen not to follow Christ....some of them have never heard of who Christ is! With new life surrounding me this semester, I can't help but look to the beauty of the cross and in realizing so many people have no idea what they believe, but are too afraid to admit it!

How can you not look with compassion to these students! How can I not sit there and pray while they go about their day knowing they may not have anyone else in their life willing to do so on their behalf. I feel blessed to labor in the exact role God has desired for me in this 2010 year.

I just pray the students will stop be carried by something else and take steps of their own off the escalator and towards the Lord. Will you pray with me?