20 December 2010

unsure on a Monday

There is a child, standing in the middle of the stream.

Mountains surround the canyon leaving a state of aloneness pending. Where to go, what to do? So scared of making the wrong move, all joints tense to make no movement at all. The stress and mental anguish cause both tears and sweat to fall. The stream picks up pace. Staying stagnant is becoming harder to do. Choices to be made. Move out of the stream or let go with the pace. The child doesn't want to be washed away out of purpose, but what if the purpose lies around the bend. Supposed to get out and dry off? Then what? Would that be Jonahish to do? Or following a voice? But is the voice legit? Pretty sure called to fall and believe the stream for life, but holding out for the green light to turn. All roads may lead to Rome, but streams lead to a larger body of water. One much larger than we can imagine. Trying to think and decide, but a foggy head invades thoughts for the mind.

Onward towards Tuesday for thoughts to grow and the heart to blink.

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