12 January 2009

Excuse me Sir may I have another...

"We don't wish for the easy stuff...
we reach for the things that are big, out of reach." -Grey's

I think it is so true that we are never content with what we have. People are always looking for the bigger house, fancier car, better mate, or higher paying job. We want more. We are in the current financial situation in America as loans were approved for people to purchase larger houses that remained empty and were not used to be filled with people or houses way larger than one could afford or need. Status symbols such as these strip society from its ability to function and leave envious hearts discontented.

It is the same with spiritual matters. Africa is the Hollywood of missions as one of my friends once referred. So many want to travel there to be "good" missionaries, and yet by looking into places God may not be calling, there is a sense of telling God, "what you have in store for me is not what I want." It is the same thing when I think on being a single woman. Sometimes I am told I intimidate men by following God or if I think I am "called" to be single.

Well, I believe I am "called" to be single at this point in my life seeing as how I well...I am single. So I wish that to be God's will for my life later on...no. I desire to be a mother, wife, and co-laborer in fighting the good fight with a spouse. But right now God has me single for a reason and I am not going to pout and turn my face blue with where I am right now because I feel so blessed to have the ministry God has given me in Tempe right now! Truly, even if at times it is harder than not!

Whatever happened to "my grace is sufficient for you?" God's got all we need. Who are we to throw the fire escape out the window and look on to the shiny, bigger and better world Satan is trying to lure us with. The more we turn our eyes from God's desires, the more Satan grins.

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. -Philippians 3:12

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