28 January 2009

25 random things

Paul tagged me on facebook so I figured why not!

here are 25 random things you may or may not know about me...

1. I judge movies based on the fonts of the opening credits...you can thank 4 years of high school journalism for that one!

2. When I photograph people, I make up names and stories for their lives

3. I have a small collection of license plates from different states in hopes of one day opening up a poetry/art cafe somewhere, someday

4. Though I am technically an art major, when I draw...my stick figures are deformed.

5. I will probably take Flintstones vitamins over adult ones for many more years

6. I secretly want to quit school and become a pool shark.

7. I love traveling and airports...I think it's because I like to watch people so much.

8. I have a photo series of church signs and kids on leashes.

9. One of my favorite jobs i've ever had was working for Santa and getting to dress up as Bumbles.

10. Sometimes I go on long drives just to rock out to Dutch techno.

11. I'm self-conscious about my toes because my sisters used to call them short and stubby. Link this with why I love squishing my toes into sand to bury them so much!

12. I currently have 7 different styles/colors of duct tape in my room.

13. The only vanilla I like to cook with is Watkins original double strength vanilla.

14. I tend to stop saying one thought and jump to another before finishing a sentence. This annoys some of my best friends a lot!

15. If someone touches my ears I tend to have a Chuck Norris type reflex I cannot stop.

16. I'm not a big fan of chocolate unless it is in the form of mini snickers or ice cream...Sour Patch Kids; however, are a quick way to get to my heart.

17. One of my dreams is to purchase a cake from Charm City Cakes, but I fear I couldn't come up with a worthy enough idea.

18. I used to be able to stare into the sun for 5 minutes straight as a kid, and now I have a stigmatism...go figure!

19. If my sheets aren't clean before bedtime, I will stay awake longer just to watch them then go to bed dirty.

20. Sometimes I buy movies based not on if I love them, but if I think friends would watch them with me.

21. When I played softball in high school, I used to illegally wear a cross necklace under my uniform just to remember why I played.

22. I've only been skeet shotting once, but I fell in love with the sport!

23. Texas-shaped cooking objects make my heart happy,

24. I've seen two armadillos in my life and both were right after my grandfather's passed.

25. When I went skydiving, my chute didn't open...luckily the reserve chute did!

Bonus fact :: I secretly die inside every time someone thinks my Holland flag is French or that Dutch is the same as Deutch.

1 comment:

valbuss said...

#8 was amazing! I laughed so hard. When we have kids we'll let you take a pictures of them and their leases lol. j/k.

and #12 Really? :-/. really?