04 October 2009

ROI- Return on Investments

ROI's are an interesting concept. Being able to determine as a company where your resources are best put to use by measuring where a profit is produced and determining what to do in the case of a profit loss by changing the company's game plan.

As believers, we don't have this privilege. We are called to love and love well. This does not mean we always get to see the result of our love in a person's life or we can measure where to invest by numbers or seen gain. We don't always get to see the impact we make in someone's life. We do not get to choose who to not love based on their actions or opinions of us, but we are called to love.

There are people who are easier to love than others, though I don't think that justifies us not loving others well. There are times in life I would love to see a return on my investment in someone. Times where I can see that year I invested in some girl was not a waste, but she is pursuing Christ and helping others do the same along the way. But I don't always get that privileged. God has called me to love, not sit back and watch apathetically.

The other week I heard this comparison that has stuck with me...

As Christians, we are like fans at a football game. All sitting around watching a few guys put all of their practice into reality. But really, we are the ones needing to get on the field and play, not expecting the professionals to do it (pastors, missionaries, etc). But realizing we are all supposed to be out there, ministering, exactly where God has put each of us.

We are not called to sit back blessed by God to be fat and happy cheering on the team on the field, but we are meant to engage, to love.

As scary as it can be, I'm grabbing my helmet of salvation and heading out to the field...you in?

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