16 May 2009

On to Frosty Weather...

Nature's first green is gold

Her hardest hue to hold

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

I think Frost was on to something as he discussed the reality of items of gold eventually having to go away. I've spent four years in the desert as a maroon and gold Sun Devil and today was officially the last day of the graduation festivities. When Frost spoke of Nothing gold being able to remain, he spoke of innocence and beauty being corrupted by the world. As I reflect on my time here at ASU, I can't stay here in the Maroon and Gold. I have to move on. It's an amazing thing to know the God of the universe has a plan for me that requires me walking in faith towards the treasure He has for me. I like that the treasure is not necessarily one of gold and wealth (i always was more a fan of silver anyway ;p), but a treasure of His love and glory and hte ability to share that truth with others. I look forward to these nest two years. I feel odd in the fact it is all actually over. In my graduation ceremony I keep trying to tell myself, 'alicia, you are the one he is talking about...this speech is for you. It's all over now. No more school.' And yet it still hasn't truly sunk in. I think when I am on campus ministering in the fall and yet not having to go to class it all may finally sink in. But for now I feel lost in the present. I know I am packing up the condo I have lived in for two years and leaving for Texas in just over a week, and yet the thought of having my diploma and being done forever is just a weird feeling for me to grasp my head and heart around.

plus, i always look for a time to insert a Frost poem. :)

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Susan said...

I like that poem :)

Annnnnd totally understand what you're talking about (having gone through it 5 months earlier! ...and still adjusting, of course.) :)