30 May 2009

movin' to Tejas y'all...

I thought to keep myself entertained as i head back to Texas, I'd share my journey with you guys!
It all started when I got back from the Navigators Summer Mission Program at Spirit West Coast on Tues...
It was a sad sight to see empty condos!
After 3 hard days the room was finally cleaned out!

I think the puppy was really sad to see me go!

She wanted to come to Texas, the happy heart state, with me!

But Tom Tom and I headed out alone...

We went through a 2 hour lightning storm! How cool to see God work as I was driving.

New Mexico...land of enchantment....I still don't buy it.

Getting closer to home!

It's starting to get dark...

I felt like reaching 85,000 miles was an accomplishment!

Finally! Texas! Home for the night in El Paso.

SNL and Bedtime!!! Goodnight!!!

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