19 September 2009

Beyond Belief

In the past 3 days, I started and finished Josh Hamilton's book, Beyond Belief. There is one line at the end I fell in love with.

"You might still be reading a book about Josh Hamilton if I had not turned my life over to Jesus Christ..."

This Ranger's outfielder gets something I wish I could on a more daily basis. This life is not about us. It is not about how comfortable I am or the house I live in or the car I drive or the places I go to. But "He must become greater, I must become less (Jn. 3:30)."

Sometimes in Long Beach I find my heart yearning for comfort. Wanting close friends to hang out with and Suzi at the local boba place to know my order as I walk in the door. I want so desperately to not get lost going to the grocery store and a place to come home to that feels like my own. But if these things were the case, I would not be following God's will for my life at the moment. It's not about Alicia. It's not about comfort, but obedience. The Christian life goes beyond belief into life and practice.

And though it is hard, Long Beach is my new home. We just don't know each other well yet.


Gabe Hagstrom said...

Is Josh Hamilton the one who survived cancer?

spartacus21 said...

No, he was the #1 draft pick in 1999 for the Devil Rays but ended up addicted to crack facing numerous suspensions and has an amazing story of recovery through his faith. It's a good read!

Brent said...

Stephen King once said that a place becomes home once you know where all the roads go. He meant literally. But metaphorically, if you know why you're somewhere and what you're supposed to be doing there, well, I think those "roads" make it feel more homey, too.

valbuss said...

I always say "home is where your bedsheet-window-curtain is"

Lauren Elise said...

Make it smell homey, aka bake. That always helps me. And invest in lights; a cheery, yummy smelling place is home to me!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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