12 April 2009

Post #401

What an amazing week spent focusing on Christ and what he has done. When we realize it is His blood that continually covers our sin, it is amazing to see the unity and love that erupts from being around other believers. On Friday we hosted a prayer labyrinth in the Secret Garden on campus. The idea was stolen from my CBC family, altered in 2005 for my Dutch family, and re-altered back to English for my Sun Devil family. It was a sweet thing to see other students and faculty walk up and enjoy spending time with Jesus remembering all He has and is doing for us.

Saturday the Servant and Leadership Team (student leaders in the Navigators) drove up to Sedona and went hiking in the rain. My heart remembered bush walking in New Zealand through the creek as we walked by the greens. As we jumped over rivers and climbed off the path I thought of Colorado which God used to change my heart back in 2002. And as the rain soaked us to the bone, I remembered Holland and all the people who yearned for a break in the rain and yet needed the cleansing it brought more than they even realized! Then my heart wandered to the present and thought of all it is leaving soon. These friends and family and the home I've come to know in Arizona these past 4 years. I can't believe it's been that long! Don't tell my friend Sarah because I do still LOVE Texas, but I don't dislike Arizona as much anymore. You could say it's grown on me (though I'll never admit it in person!) By being away from water and lakes, I've just learned to appriciate it more.

Then after Sunday morning service, my heart was reignitied as we discussed the meaning behind two new paintings in our prision ministry. I want to serve God through art. I want the nations to proclaim His glory! We had an amazing lunch with 17 of us today, but my heart still yearns for more. Just a little more time in the desert. I'm trying to soak it all in.

As a few of us did in Sedona across the canyon, my heart cries out to God in Praise for what He has done; for the sacrifice He has made; and for the love He is currently showing me through the midst of it all.

One month and two days until graduation...Eeeeeek!

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