29 June 2009

worse than silence...

I love Gomer Pyle. I remember waking up on the weekends and watching this show with my sister. I love how not everything is black and white like the Sargent thinks. I think sometimes we go about things in the wrong way. Preparation is good, but ultimately, decisions have to be made for individuals on their own. Here is the cool thing though, as believers, we are here to hold one another accountable and help see truth where Satan loves to keep it hidden. Gomer gets the point in knowing when to stop role-playing long enough to help Duke, his fellow marine, up. Even if in training Duke had his thumb injured, he probably learned to not stand off-balance, but instead to stand firm.

Though they are instructed to not pause, it is important to know when we need to stop what we are doing to try and help someone out. It's the idea of caring for someone else more than what you think they will think of you. It's caring for someone enough to tell them the truth in the way they need to hear it. There is something special about community, it is not just about living life all happy and contrite, but it is about living life together. And the reality of that is sometimes you do get to celebrate joy with one another, but other times you get to speak truth and appear as the 'bad guy' or outsider. Then there are times yet where you have truth spoken to you.

I think of the scene in Remember the Titans where Gary has a choice to make between letting Ray stay on the team even though he didn't block for Rev or telling him he's off the team. I can imagine that was perhaps one of the most difficult things Gary ever had to do. But sometimes we have to tell our friends the hard things...even if it means losing them for a bit in some capacity. I don't think anyone really likes being Gary in that situation...but how much worse would it have been for him to remain silent?

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