04 June 2009

"I have stilled and quieted my soul..."

...a challenge for me.

It is something I've always been bad at doing and yet I see such a grand benefit in it. Sometimes I feel guilty resting knowing how much needs to be done, and yet by taking the time to rest I can accomplish what needs to be done both more efficiently and cheerfully. Both of which are important. So today I took some time aside for me and God...I feel able to function again. Rest has always been challenging for me, but as a good friend reminded me maybe I should be thanking God for this time instead of wishing for it to fly by. Only 11 more days in Texas until I leave for training and then come back full force to raise funds for the next year. Please pray in this economical time God will already be stirring hearts who have a desire to back God's work that I'll be blessed to have a part in next year through the Navigators. Maybe start praying how you can be trusting God with your finances through giving in general, even if not to the Navs, as many people are shying away in a time they could trust God the most. My prayer for each of you is you can run away with God and rest sometime soon...He's waiting.


Anonymous said...

This is your actual link for your donation http://tinyurl.com/owfnak
Embed this in place of your other link so people don't have to "look" for you. Believe me, people are lazy. I know I am.

Lauren Elise said...

This is unrelated, but I love your picture :) Good one!