15 July 2009

Exactly One Month!

It's so odd for me to try and think that I am only one month away from moving into my new home out in Long Beach. God has led me into this new adventure of serving with the Navigators on EDGE Corps. As I am so excited to get started into this new ministry, it can seem a bit intimidating to start over again.

As weird as it may sound to m Dutch, New Zealand or Texan friends, After four years, I somehow fell in love with the desert unbeknown to me! But God works in His own time and way and has called me to California for this next season. I'm really excited for the training and experience as well as I feel blessed to be able to have Bible study twice a month with dear friends who know me and encourage me!

I truly am excited for this next adventure...I just can't believe it's all coming up so fast! One month!

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