03 December 2004

I've got a pickle...I've got a pickle hey hey hey hey

Yesterday I now by far encountered the most embarrassing moment in my life!

After school, I went to give blood as I have done before. You see it never affects me but being my 5th time they decided to double what I could give so no biggie right? Wrong. I felt fine after receiving my snowman ornament and blood donor bracelet so I grabbed my complementary juice and rushed to the post office to mail a package to Holland. The line was long so I was getting irritated as I only had 20 minutes or so before I had to be at work. I finally made it the around the center of the line where there is that counter to lean on. You know, the one where you're right behind the next person in line but before you get there you must first conquer the rest of the maze. Well, it started to hit me, I knew I was tired from the night before so I was trying to force myself to say things I knew. I once learned that with use of this logic it is near impossible to sleep; so I tried..."my name is Alicia Garcia, I live at"...and then it hit. My eyes couldn't stay open any longer, I felt the weight of my body start to drip down onto the tile floor. My eyes were closed and yet I was still awake. "Man, I hope no one notices" I thought to myself. It was then my knees could no longer support the upper half of my body...I wouldn't, I couldn't give in. I fought to stay up with my pounding head and my body shaking violently against itself. I was sure someone had noticed by now and yet no word was said. OK, now I was fine, I had to lean on the box so then I could at least stand up, the shaking had stopped. I started to concentrate on what the guy at the counter was saying to that customer. The customer had about 50-70 envelopes and I knew my time was dwindling. It came over me again. The Butterfly Effect brand of a shake that I couldn't make go away. my eyes were gone again, I held onto the counter for dear life. The guy in front of me finally inquired if I was ok. Snap. That brought me back into reality. My eyes opened. I had to squat down to keep my equilibrium but I was not to experience my 2nd blackout in my life this time. (the first was two years ago by the hand of an exquisite piano player...it was an accident.) I got up to the counter impatient now as she asked me the usual questions making sure I wasn't smuggling anything overseas and I signed the five papers I had gotten so used to over these past few years. I walked out and sat in my truck drinking a liter of powerade waiting until I was able to drive to work.
Now I can only think how odd I must have looked to the others in town. A girl with a needle-marked bandage wrapped around her arm starts shaking violently and is delivering a package to, of all places, Holland--drug using capital of the world. If it were me on the outside, I would've guessed heroin. But no, just a gift of blood to try and help another. Praise God I wasn't late to work, and didn't pass out at the United States Post Office main building. As for now, off to work again! Just think, only 79 days until I can donate again...maybe next time I'll be sure that they just take the normal amount. Yes Jeopardy fans, no more double down for me.


Laura said...

I always get dizzy after I give blood. I usually warn the nurse and have her bring me a juice before I even try to stand up. I can't believe you were driving around! Or that you still made it through the PO line. You really are Spartacus...

Anonymous said...

why am i not suprised?!?