24 December 2004

Santa Claus has come..to town

So Marshall (Santa) and his wife joined us for Christmas Eve service at church tonight. Working in the mall with Santa reminds me of what a sad poor world this can be when people ignore what this season is all about. Today, a girl I work with was too afraid to walk to her car without security due to a few distraught people in line who chose not to see Santa before 6pm Christmas Eve. I mean come on, he has been there since before Thanksgiving and the mall was closing! Brent's lesson during service was filled with stuff I have heard him say through the year but I truly enjoyed getting Santa's and his wife's perspective on it.

Continuing with tradition we are off to soon open gifts, take a family picture, and then watch one of the many versions of Scrooge. I hope all of you reflect on why this holiday exists beyond the tinsel and decorum to see a not so plain baby in an undecorated stable...No strings attached.

Feliz Navidad from this Garcia.

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