16 December 2004


Three days left of this so-called education of high-school!

So I ran into my old LEAP teacher from elementary school yesterday and then my elementary choir teacher today! Man I miss these ladies. There is one teacher above all who has simply truly inspired me to live my life as I do now. Herbst is a close second followed by Sauder(school only Brent). But this lady risked her job in order to comfort a crying 5th grader at Camp Goddard. You see, my Abuelo had just died so my mom drove me up to Oklahoma late on that tues because I didn't want to waste the money and be a spare in a class of five. By thurs. It was too much. Mrs. Jana Nelms took me aside and prayed with me! You are not allowed to express faith like this to a student you see. My point I guess is she has made me want to teach other's about Christ's love because of what I saw in and through her that night. She failed to be perfect, but shone where she could. Thank you for saving me from myself...I hope to find you again someday as I wished you never would have left. This is my thanks to you, I only hope I can actually tell you this someday in person...


bAiLeY said...

alicia! i cant believe you are about to leave us!! Im so excited for you though!! I loved your santa clause quote...it made me smile. Thanks for being so wonderful everyday! My prayers are with you in your Holland Preparation. i Love you!

Anonymous said...

teachers are awesome.

maar nederlandse leraren niet altijd... dat merk je wel als je hier ben! doei