23 December 2004

Wisdom is knowing what time it is

Wow..so i really aveen't blogged in a while...

i applologize to my three readers because a compter has become inaccessable to me during this time. Well, let's see...Sunday was German Fest in Muenster, Texas and near the end my sister got up to make an annoucement abpout my leaving/graduation. What she said just really reminded me of why i love her so much.

Yesterday was the end of my High School career. I arrived at school at 8:45 prepared to take my economics exam and then be at work by 10! I finished my exam first at 9:18 so i was out of there! Yesterday was kinda sad though...i don't know why but it started to hit me in my heart even though i don't feel as if it's over. I feel like it's ok becasue in two weeks i'll be back...but the fact is i won't.

Things for Holland are coming along well thouygh but i bettter head off to work..i'll try to blog again soon..te amo a toda..spartacus

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