05 February 2008

"What's the Difference between Payton and Eli Manning?" -my roommate Amber

The Russians are here! Our Nav director as ASU, Mike Bedient, used to live in Russia before moving back to the states. For the past 7 years, he has led a team back to hold an English camp. 11 of those students and friends are in town getting the American experience. I've met a few of them and they are pretty cool.

The Superbowl was here in Arizona this past weekend and I got the benefit of a lot of free amazing things as a result! I went to the PGA tour's FBR tournament in Scottsdale. We got the VIP treatment with valet and sat on the famous 16th hole cheering, booing, and having a fun time. When Phil Mickelson came, we started the "ASU, ASU" chant just for him as he is an alumni. That evening, the Counting Crows had a free concert at Tempe Beach Park! We worked our way up to the 2nd row and rocked out to Mr. Jones and Long December. Free firework show afterwards too! And then the Giants won to wrap up an amazing weekend! Now I am out of my Tuesday classes debating which paper to work on while the puppy is taking a nap. Is it Spring Break time yet?

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Soozan said...

I'm not gonna lie....I've got to agree with Amber's comment....hehe