03 June 2008

Goodbye Cruel World!!!

Today I lose an amazing roommate and friend. Alissa showed me a little bit more on how to accept love from others and aided in God's breaking down my pride through finances. She listened when I needed to tell things I couldn't share with others and allowed the occasional rant. We laughed at the same spots in movies and ate our body weight in Popsicles. I've never rocked out in cars so much or seen her car swaying in the wind. We walked to class together and took Costco trips primarily for the free samples. We sat indecisive for long periods of time and sat avoiding homework on our laptops for even longer periods of time!
Alissa...thanks for being there for me this semester! Hopefully I'll get to see you and the Cubbies in Chicago soon! Drive safe and ticketless!!!


Amy Trianne said...

Bye Alissa! Drive safe woman.

Free and Living said...

i'm glad god gave you a friend like her...and she's just as blessed!