11 November 2004

To The Rock That Is Higher Than I

This is not something i wrote but instead it is a republishing of a friend of mine's blog. I love the meaning and song. Also, does anyone else find it ironic that this song was made 21 Sept...or is it just me?!?

There's a Rock that is so much higher than ourselves and that Rock is God. I often try to do things on my own and do them my way and I find myself falling. This last week I battled with a decision that was like that. I know what I wanted to do and I was determined to do it but I knew God's will was the exact opposite. Thats when you got to pray for God to let you go to the Rock that is higher than yourself. And you have to be really prayerful about it. While I was struggling I picked up my guitar and just starting singing random things that came in my head and then came up with a song which is a prayer between me and God

>GOD LET ME FLY 21.09.04 --click.to.listen

When life seems weary
When theres no hope
When life seems dim
When you feel alone
When your covered in Darkness
Theres no light ahead
When you feel like giving up
Theres one place to go, so pray

God let me fly
to the Rock that is higher
Than I
Than I (x2)

When your heart's overwhelmed
and you wonder why
how can it be
that your stranded in life
Well then pray to God
Give Him your life
Hand it all over
and fly, fly, fly

God let me fly
to the Rock that is higher
Than I
Than I (x2)

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Anonymous said...

wow! profound
spartacus you rock my face off.....
either that or i just think that you are really wierd