30 November 2004

An Interview with Santa Claus

Yesterday at work we were kinda slow so I had about 90 minutes to stand around talking to Santa. Our Santa is soo kind. He is from OKcity and has been a Christian for years. Here are a few thoughts and insights we came up with the other day...

Santa is a mask he puts on two months out of the year and yet as Christians we are supposed to let people see what being a follower of Christ is all about. Santa couldn't figure out how this could be. He finally came to the conclusion that this is where he is supposed to be in life by as every child comes to tell their wishes and say 'hi', Santa says a silent prayer for them to get to know God's grace. The one thing he doesn't like is representing a man that takes away the eyes of people from Christ who of which Christmas is all about.

Last year one of my lessons to my 7th grade girls consisted of this idea...
people try taking God out of Christmas by changing the name to X-mas. What they don't realize is X in Greek stands for Christ's name. What else do we associate the X with? A pirate map. The goal of this map is to acquire a treasure of value which we cannot even comprehend. There are obstacles and challenges filled with clues along the way. Christ is the treasure we all are searching for whether we realize it or not. Be a clue along the way...make people question their beliefs and test them to be truth. No matter what situation your in from Santa to Sonic, be a good example of what our craziness looks like. Only one belief will win in the end...Enjoy the journey and spread your acquired wealth.

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