20 November 2004

Of Conquest...

Today was so crazy, late night broom hockey was a blast aside from my going to bed at 3am and having to wake up at 8!!! We have new carpet so this officially is not my house anymore...well, at least not as I know it. Holland is fast approaching. In EXACTLY two months I'm outta here. Funds are coming yet never as quickly as one could hope. I know God is providing though so I'm not really worried about it. "Santa's helper" never seizes to amaze me, she got lost yesterday going to Hobby Lobby! Still love ya kid! We're working hard to frantically put our house back together before the new furniture gets here on tues. I'm glad my parents can do this though. They have wanted this for a long time and were planning on it before 9/11 and my dad lost his job. I see the joy it brings them in their eyes, a well deserved joy after living in this house for almost 21 years now. I'm off to see the wizard called Mr. Clean and watch my episodes of Roswell, hope you all had a grand day.

New thought: A customer came up to me the other day after we asked him if his son would want a picture with Santa Claus...his reply "I can't, I'm not Christian" What up with that yo?!? Is that what some people think Christ is all about. Remember: Christianity isn't a religion but a relationship.

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