05 November 2004

And in case I don't see ya...Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

So, it's official now, high school football is over as I know it. I watched senior guys stand in the middle of the field crying as they hugged their friends. The barren field remained lit up after everyone else left. The image still captured in my mind is that of an empty field after all the buses had left the Colony and began their venture back to MHS. I don't know how the eerie sense overcame me, and yet it did. This chapter of my life is rapidly being set to an end point. High school is almost gone, and with that...The innocence of responsibility and financial stress. Thank God there are people there along they way to help us out in life...I don't know how we could make it otherwise.
I have a new job at the mall with Katie Lorenc, who ironically I have called 'Santa's helper' since we were in 5th grade. Let me explain, Katie and I have acquired jobs at the Christmas workshop station in the mall. I as a photographer and she as an elf!!! I am so looking forward to spending time with her before I leave. My one regret about leaving is I am just beginning to realize the importance of a quote which says, "my time is not my own." I truly wish I could spend so much more time with the youth group and everyone in it...Especially all of you sophomores...Be involved. If I or we don't approach you, come to us..Please. I speak boldly saying we would all love to get to know each and every one of you better.

Savor you time...It will be gone before you know it. Get on now..Tick, tock.

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