27 October 2004

In the Army Now...

I don't know why, but lately i have simply been in an army kind of mood. I used army metaphors last night with my 8th grade girls and wore my dogtags today.
--random comment: i may be takin gon a 6th job as, get this, a Budweiser employee. yes, yours truly the SADD officer and very against drinking mexican may soon be employed by the enemy!

Anyways, i don't really remember much of what i was going to write as it seems to have left my mind but i do remember last night's conversation i had with one whom i shall call 'screw girl.' We talke about the upcoming opertunity of Ireland and i couldn't quite put my finger on what i wanted to exactly say so instead i decided to use the words of others.

Top 5 Reasons why People Don't Go On Mission Trips (talk to me if you want the rest of my notes on this particular topic):

1. "I'm willing"--don't follow through
2. Debt
3. Support Raising--either and arrogant or ignorant person
4. Family
5. Marriage

"Support Raising is not anti-Biblical; but anti-American"
Todd Aaron of thetravelingteam"Which one will win? Faith or Fear?"

Find your mission...find your purpose and do it. You won't nessacarily have a 'feeling' over whether or not to go or do a particular thing, but you'll have to force your head knowledge to transform your heart with God's aid. Press on...the mission is your's and your's alone...hope this helps screw girl.


Anonymous said...

but what happens when that "feeling" is pointing the other way, don't you agree that some people aren't fit for certain mission trips?

spartacus21 said...

yes, i do agree people aren't 'fit' for certain mission trips. This is why God supplys such a wide variety and numerous differnent forums of missions. You don't have to go to Ireland or leave your house to be on a mission trip...the trip is our lives and the mission aspect of the phrase is a choice made to set aside this time for God and His glory. Everyone can be a missionary and the great thing about it is it costs nothing...go to work, school, walk down the street...the field is everywhere.