07 December 2005

You can't hide your lying eyes..and your smile is a thin disguise

"53. The one person who can't hide things from me:
ALicia is a bad liar."

so this is what my friend typed today..i know i should be glad i cannot lie anymore...but in some ways it is scary to lose your old identity. To not be able to do everything you once could. I can't suprise people or hold pranks to the extent i used to. I can't tell people i'm ok when i am really not. Ariel, Alexa, Jean, and Katy have broken this. Oh man.

edit: 8.08pm..mattias..you kinda stink too! hoi maggie!

1 comment:

Tracy M. said...

i miss your pranks though. you can always trick me - you may be a bad liar but i am a bad lie-detector-person... thing...