12 December 2005

Defying Gravity

"Defying Gravity"
music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
(Copyright by Stephen Schwartz. Used with permission.)
GLINDAWhy couldn’t you have stayed calm, for once! Instead of flying off the handle -- !
I hope you're happyI hope you're happy nowI hope you're happy how you'veHurt your cause foreverI hope you think you're clever
ELPHABAI hope you're happyI hope you're happy tooI hope you're proud how you wouldGrovel in submissionTo feed your own ambition
GLINDA & ELPHABASo though I can't imagine howI hope you're happyRight now
GLINDAElphie, listen to me. Just say you're sorry!
You can still be with The WizardWhat you've worked and waited forYou can have all you ever wanted -
ELPHABAI knowBut I don't want it - No!I can't want it anymore
Something has changed within meSomething is not the sameI'm through with playing byThe rules of someone else's gameToo late for second-guessingToo late to go back to sleepIt's time to trust my instinctsClose my eyesAnd leap...
It's time to try defying gravityI think I'll try defying gravityAnd you can't pull me down
GLINDACan't I make you understandYou're having delusions of grandeur?
ELPHABAI'm through accepting limitsCuz someone says they're soSome things I cannot changeBut till I try I'll never knowToo long I've been afraid ofLosing love I guess I've lostWell if that's loveIt comes at much too high a cost
I'd sooner buy defying gravityKiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravityAnd you can't pull me down!
Glinda, come with me. Think of what we could do - together!
UnlimitedTogether we're unlimitedTogether we'll be the greatest team There's ever been - Glinda!Dreams the way we planned 'em
GLINDAIf we work in tandem
GLINDA & ELPHABAThere's no fight we cannot winJust you and I, defying gravityWith you and I defying gravity
ELPHABAThey'll never bring us down!
Well, are you coming?
(GLINDA decides to stay behind.)
GLINDAI hope you're happyI hope your happy now that your choosing this -
ELPHABAYou too--I hope it brings you bliss
GLINDA & ELPHABAI really hope you get itAnd you don't live to regret itI hope you're happy in the endI hope you're happy my friend
ELPHABASo if you care to find meLook to the Western sky!As someone told me latelyEveryone deserves the chance to flyAnd if I'm flying soloAt least I'm flying freeTo those who ground meTake a message back from me!
Tell them how I am defying gravityI'm flying high, defying gravityAnd soon I'll match them in renownAnd nobody in all of OzNo Wizard that there is or wasIs ever gonna bring me down!!
GLINDAI hope you're happy
CITIZENS OF OZLook at herShe's wickedGet her!!
ELPHABABring me down!
CITIZENS OF OZNo one mourns the wickedSo we got to bring her -

i cannot tell you how much i am stoked for this Broadway! Hooray for Wicked! Buy the soundtrack! just look at these lyrics! man oh man!

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