02 November 2005

A soldier in arms

Many of you know who this is..please keep our brother in CHrist in prayer. I can't imagine how hard it must be over there. Have a great day.

Friends, I have much to tell, but little time, so I will write all I can andmay have to finish this later on with a part two. First of all, we were onCNN yesterday. Any of you who caught the memorial service for the fourfallen soldiers here in Baghdad yesterday, that was us. You can actuallysee my building in the background. Things are very somber here, as I havetold previously due to casualties recently incurred. Last night I sat in a chair with a neighbor in front of our buildingsand listened to a battle that was close enough to make out everything. Itwas just outside the wall that is only about 50 feet from my room. Dont'worry, though, as at no time did we feel in danger. We have multipleAirborne units here, and these dudes are bad. We listened to this fightlast night, mostly gunfire with an occasional tank or grenade roundexploding for over and hour, and there was one point in which shots wereheard non-stop for over twelve minutes. It is unlike anything I have everexperienced, and it was very close. Fortunately we did not have anycasualties, and that is where I will leave it. Work is going well despite minor frustrations due to being inBaghdad and not in Dallas, so far as resources, not the actually city. Myinternet connectivity is extremely limited, so bear with me while waitingfor more personal responses, but I assure you I will respond if you writeme! Well, I have much more to say but not the time, so for now know that myheart and my prayers are with you all. Know each of you makes all thedifference in my life, so thanks! I love you guys tons!Keep Up the Good Fight, J.R.

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