15 March 2005

Clang clang clang goes the chain...

Have you ever seen a car so small it fits through a front door?

me either.
Things are going quite well over here in Holland. I love writting again! For the past year or so i just got tired of my Frost, Whitman, and Yeats and decided to put away my spirals or writting and song lyrics to which i never wrote a tune. Recently, i am enjoying writting again. I like the feel of a pen in my hand. I take interviews on the news and write my own stories about what i think the Dutch are saying if i could only understand them. I am writting lyrics to songs again. I am writting short stories and poetry and enjoying it again. It's not my job, it's my fun. My camera has been at my side still as well and i am beginning to enjoy getting back into that journalist mood. I don't miss school but i do miss yearbook class and assignments and what i consider goofing around while Herbst considers it work. It can't be work if you are enjoying it that much right?!? I can't wait to see how the book turned out. I am so excited to see it in May when i onvince someone to mail it to me. I don't feel like i am done with school though...just like a sumer vacation or something though but this is really it. No more prom, no more out-smarting Ms. Ervi, no more putting Herbst's chair in the ceiling tiles or sneaking into the cross country office by way of a ceiling tile to get the track scheduale to take photos at the next meet. No more softball games or group locker upstairs. No more Chick-fil-A mornings or lunches with Bat Girl illegally. This is really it...i hope it sinks in soon.


Tracy M. said...

Ever seen The Italian Job? They have three cars that can fit through a door - one in blue, one in red, and one in white! Plus, a cool guy with the name Wrench gets to work on them.

chris. said...

aww...i miss you so much alicia...and dont worry about it...i'm sure this huge change will sink in pretty soon, it's just takes some time to get used to...i'll pray for you!

Bat Girl said...

Did you really go through the celing? Cause if you did I'm jealous. But you know no one will take me during D-lunch anywhere anymore. They're all chicken. Guess what I finally gave in and made a blog...It's comet66.blogspot
You should go, but doesn't really have a point so I'd understand if you totally ignored me.