12 June 2007

The bypass pin has been removed, you are clear to depart. Have a safe flight and great day. *salute*

These past few weeks have been intense in training. If you are one minuate late. You are out of the program and eligible for rehire in 6 months. I get up at 4:30 everyday. I am not a morning person. Today was our first full ramp day. Meaning no in-class lectures, videos, or safety stratigies. Hands-on. I marshalled in my first plane today. Loaded. unloaded. Got soaked with potable water after Ron swore it was only half-full despite the gage reading full. We all go through the same training before dividing up into our stations. I'll probably be just a connex runner soon where i get to drive around my tug all-day! It's exciting stuff to be face to face with a Boeing 757. But i'm tired. I'm not sleeping enough. I miss being a kid and having time and energy to spend with friends. Whatever happened to my plans of reading numerous books this summer?!?

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mutating missionary said...

i'm praying for you