20 January 2012

SKYDIVING. aka: plummeting to Earth

I was planning on going to Eloy to film and photograph Josh, Amy, Bekah, and Willis skydive.  I had no idea I would end up jumping out of that plane as well!  Peer Pressure is the only way I can figure I suddenly went from being a bystander to participant that day.  I found myself in a small room watching a video of everything that could go wrong and signed a stack of waivers so large I actually felt bad for the tree. 

The shuttled us over to put on our harnesses and the next things I knew, a man named Dean was introducing himself to me to go over proper jump procedure. 

“Are you afraid?”  Dean asked politely, though I’m sure he could tell I was whiter than I ever have been in my life before!  “Don’t worry…me too,”  He said trying to ease the mood.

The steps between the golf cart and small propeller plane seemed enormous.  I stepped up the ladder and as we made our way inside, Dean strapped us together in preparation for the jump at 13,000 feet.

“So when we get ready to go, I will count to 3, and then we jump.” Dean explained.   ‘What in the world am I doing?!?  I paid to do this.  I’m not backing out.  What if I die?  I didn’t even tell my parents what I am doing today.  Lord, is this is my time, whatever.  Ok.  I’m going to jump.  Ah!’

The door slid open and whatever confidence I had mustered up flew out, it was probably somewhere over Phoenix by now.  We walked up to the door.  Oh my, ohmyohmyohmyohmy.

“Are you ready?”  Dean asked, but didn’t really give time for a reply.  “Ok, one…two…”  With a push we were tumbling out of the plane!  What happened to three?!?  Ok Dean, trust gone…but wait, this is kind of cool!  This is amazing!  I can see for miles and the heart-lodged-in-your-throat-making-you-want-to-throw-up feeling was nowhere to be found!  I waved to the cameraman and gave a ‘hi mom’ shout-out. 

Contrary to the movies, you can’t talk, so Dean signaled by waving his hand it was time to launch the chute out.  I prepared for the jerk…but nothing happened.  I looked up to see out chute in a clump above us.  We had slowed down some, but the ground was rapidly approaching! 

“Oh fudge.” Dean said.  What?!?  Ok God, is this really how you are going to take me?!?  That’s it.  I’m dead.  Alicia dies in skydiving incident.  Trust really gone now Dean..really! 

“Ok, don’t panic,”  yeah right.  I need to unhook you to pull the reserve chute on my chest.  Hold on here and here.  He moved my hands to the straps attached to the first chute.  Before I could protest or ask what was going on, my harness was loose.  My hands were clinging to the strap and all I could think was I was going to separate from him and die.  Whoosh.  The reserve chute came out and Dean quickly tightened my harness to his again.

“Well, that was interesting!”  Dean said.  What, interesting?!?  Terrifying!  “Wanna do some tricks now?”  I didn’t want to do some tricks.  I wanted ground and I wanted it 5 minutes ago! 

When things don’t go your way, who do you look to?

Do you really believe God can rescue you from whatever situation you are in?  


Rebekah said...

Poor Alicia! I remember how we were able to laugh at this later, but poor girl who was most scared was the one who got the faulty shoot and sailor-talking tandem instructor!

Also, who's Willis?

I'm glad you didn't die. I'm glad God is a better Tandem instructor than Dean.

spartacus21 said...

Ha! I guess I never thought of it that way! Willis is Spencer's last name.

Rebekah said...


Thanks for the add!

The other thing I remember most about that day is "Bacon!" ;)