10 January 2012

Face Plant

Have you ever viewed yourself as truly washed pure as snow?  Snow is an interesting thing to me.  When the sun is shining brightly onto snow it is blinding to look at!  This was one of the thoughts passing through my mind as we drove up to Sunrise, a place to ski in Arizona.

I've never been skiing before last Monday, and I've also never had the most interesting shapes of bruises on my body!

I almost hit a tree, I got stuck in a tree, I had more problems standing up combined then I have since I was 18 months old, I flipped over more than once, and I face-planted.

I'm not sure if this is going to make sense to you, but  face-planting was one of the joyous events of the day.  It hurt a little (not too much Mom!), but I found myself unable to get up because I was laughing full of joy!  Sure I didn't make it as far as I wanted on that turn (still haven't mastered turning despite Troy's patience!), but I had to think of how funny I looked to other people!  I slid close to my friend Sarah and saw the panic on her face, but I just couldn't stop laughing!  As I was taking a second to regain my breath before continuing on, it made me think of the fact, as we are blinding others reflecting the Son with our faces white as snow, we are going to fall sometimes.  We are going to face-plant!  But the Lord loves us so and lays out a path for our feet.  Granted there are times we get stuck in trees or feel like we can't stand up long enough to go down the path, he provides His Spirit, friends, and everything we may need to come alongside and aide us for the journey.

I'm so grateful God doesn't expect me to get everything right off the bat or understand whether the path turns right or left just up ahead out of my vision.  I'm grateful for some pretty sweet friends and family both close and afar journeying down the mountain with me even when I can't see them.  I'm grateful for the ways God reveals His Glory to me and allows me to reflect it to this world in the ways He has designed for me.

If my face is going to be planted in the snow, I'm glad to know that while it is planted, God will cause the growth to come!  Praise the Lord for no major injuries and a sweet time with friends!

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