19 December 2011

The Beautiful Mess

Baking is Messy.

When I start to bake, I always convince myself I don't need an apron.  I never wear one and afterwards I always have more flour on my shirt than in the batter!  It's kinda fun that way though.  Like when I'm making tortillas and the flour is all over the counter and floor.  It's kinda like snow I suppose.

I used to always think I enjoy cooking more than baking which is usually true, but lately cooking seems so exhausting!  Constant running around and trying to figure out what to throw in and what pairs well.  adjusting the heat and pans constantly so it's cooked jut right!  But there is a freedom in experimenting and being able to throw in whatever you want and seeing how it turns out.

Baking is a lot of prep, but once it's in the oven, you need only wait to see how it came out!  Is it good?  Do I need to adjust anything (or pretend i know how to fix it) before another batch goes in?

But I like that the baking I do comes with a recipe.  There is a set list to follow, what ingredients to use and exactly how much.  Even a cook time and temperature so I don't have to guess!

Lately, I feel like my life is like cooking adding numerous things here and there.  Leaving this out, discovering what pairs well with my passions and desires and being put under a variety of temperatures to come out just right.  But lately I'm wishing for my life to be a little more like baking.  I'd like to just be told what to do for how long and how much of certain ingredients I need.

But life is more messy than that.  It ends up scattered on the counter and while the majority makes it in the finished product, somethings can be tossed aside.  I'd like the direction in the midst of the stove top.  I guess life can be compared to a blend between the two.  We have a general idea thanks to God of where things are going, but until we get to the finished product, we keep adjusting, adding, and subtracting.

I can't wait until the timer goes off!

"Specific step-by-step instruction is not usually how God operates.  His way is to show His holiness, declare us Holy in Christ, then exhort us to grow in holiness in daily life."  Just Do Something p. 58

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