09 June 2012

The Moon and the Stars

So every night, my Russia roommate, Kiya, listens to the Phil Whickham cd as she goes to sleep. Going to sleep after her, I can hear the cd each night through her headphones volume being so loud! I've met with Kiya in discipleship this past year, and it is a blessing to be overseas with her. Last night, "cannons" came on declaring, " the moon and the stars, declare who you are.". I love the stars and the night sky! At one point in my youth, I wanted to be an astronomer out of this infatuation. One of my favorite things to do at ASU was to drive out into the desert and stare at the sky while singing and processing to God. It's weird for me to be in Russia, a land where there are no stars at night during this summer season! The sun "sets" around 11pm and "rises around 4:30 in the morning. At night, the moon and the stars never show up here! We get to reflect the Son in this land, just as the moon does not shine itself, but refelects the light of the sun. What a blessing to be in Russia as Christ's ambassadors doing everything for Christ's glory. May we declare who He is together in this land!

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Caitlin said...

Love this! One of my favorite songs and favorite things to do too (well, not in AZ though) :)