28 September 2012

I'm Reading Your Thoughts

I went to Goodwill looking to find a new surge protector at a discounted price.  Want to walk around for a little bit after my bike ride, I browsed the rest of the store.  I wandered into the book section, with everything for around 99 cents I couldn't resist!  I found all sorts of books, but one that stuck out to me was a Beth Moore devotional about David.  My roommate before went through one of these, so I thought of her as I found it and said a prayer, not really intending to take it home.

I began to scroll through the book, and as I did so, I noticed someone with really nice handwriting filled out only the first 13 pages.  I began to read her prayers, and as I did so, I say just how beautiful some of them were!  I felt the need to look around and see if someone was watching because I felt like I was in some way spying!  I went on to read how the tragedy in Haiti had shaped her heart for the nations, and how she prays for her husband and son.

I still feel like in some way this sounds creepy to read and share another's thoughts, but I found it encouraging to see another's heart desiring to be wholly devoted to the Lord, and less devoted to oneself!

Here is a part that encouraged me.  I hope you know in your journey of faith, you are not alone!

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