10 January 2013

Set the World on Fire.


I spent New Year's in Cleburne, TX.  In the middle of nowhere, you can light fireworks, because no one is around to care!  After 3 attempts, Callie and I were able to get this image of LOVE from the sparkler she was holding.  She spelled out the words into the air and although she couldn't see the result of what she was doing as she ran with the light in her hand, the image was soon illuminated in the camera as she spelled out LOVE.

I could not help thinking about how this is true with my life.  I run around holding the light of Christ inside of me, desiring and hoping the end result spells out His love, but in truth, I will never be able to see the whole picture before God's plan is completely developed and I am in heaven with Him.  Do we try to hide that light, or let it shine?  How many times have I sung this song as a child?  How many times have I really pondered what it looks like to spread his light and move about in life?

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