25 September 2004

Life, a study of

Today just seems likeone of those monotounus(sp) days where a sense of robot feeling overcomes. Today i woke up, went to work and came to to attempt working on a paper while typing these words instead. Are they ever to be read? Does it really matter? A few years a go i read a book entitled A HIll On Which to Die, the main element of this book i rememberis a description used of Roman 8:28..saying all matters. i don't have much time to go into details but pick it up. Checking out one more Blockbuster coustomer does matter as you never know who will be the next to come in...Bowling for Soup's lead singer? (who has come in!) or perhaps someone just looking for at least one smile in their day as their handed their purchases. i wan tto encourage all of you to keep at it. for it all matters in the LORD's eyes!

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called2serve said...

I know what you mean spartacus21. The days of routine get overwhelming at times. I know I experience them from time to time. But I do have a daily to do list (Which I'll probally blog on next :P). The list is
(1)Praise God in all I do
(2)Praise God in all I do
(3)Praise God in all I do
Ive been told it is that simple and it seems to work ;)