15 August 2007

Rolly, Patch, Lucky, Pongo...

Tonight there is a monsoon in Arizona. And all i can seem to think about lying in my bed listening to the thunder is 101 Dalmatians. My sister Diana and I used to sneak out of our rooms whether we were sick or just couldn't sleep and always put on this same Disney film. We have fallen asleep on the old cracked green leather sofa more times than i could count waking up to a blue tv screen the next morning. I wish my sister were here to stay up for no apparent reason together. Out here is Arizona I find i miss my family more as time goes on. I think i just miss that aspect of still being a kid and not having rent or gasoline or food expenses. It's like when Christ takes us off the milk for solid food. Sometimes we want to go back to when we had it much easier, yet we all know we must move on. But still...we have some time to be a little ridiculous yet.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you too! Thanks for the birthday phone call...it was great..it made me smile. I appreciate you.