19 January 2011


I've had a pretty productive last few days despite most of today spent working on my desk (bed) for over 5 hours. I've been reading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis and have loved his talk of people unable to hold onto anything in this world to approach heaven. Nothing at all.

Last Friday my car battery died. But God allowed a teammate to come over with jumper cables after I took apart the majority of the battery only to find I didn't have a ratchet for one nut! Then, it happened to be the one day Alissa was home to be able to go to Sears Auto Center with me. My battery also has 4 months left under warranty so the replacement was completely free! And all of this happened the day before we were leaving for EDGE Preview. Imagine if it had happened a day later! I'd have a car-full of students ready to go with no working car! God is so good and His timing is perfect!

I just felt like I had to share this fun piece of God's providence! If you have any recent stories, please do share as well so we may glorify the Lord together!

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