01 May 2011

Second-String Lies

The other day I was comparing the Clippers to the kid at recess who got picked last. Nobody really cares for them to be on their team, but you deal with their existence all the while knowing they can help to make the rest of your team look good.

Then I was thinking, though I was always one of the first picked in elementary school (and used to be pretty happy about it), come middle school, I easily was overlooked to become second-string. Softball, Ultimate, no problem! But basketball...I loved the game and could do great in practice, but as soon as some kid came running up to me, I would end up doing horribly! I would make so many fouls for reaching over girls heads unknowing that my height advantage was not supposed to be used to catch a rebound in that way. The game became less fun when I was pulled before the second half.

I was talking about worth with one of my friends the other day. The lies we believe in being unwelcome in other people's lives and the sadness it brings to see people leave the team, done with a sport that used to give them so much joy. Then I was reflecting later on why people leave, why we can all feel unwanted or as if we have become the second-string.

Yesterday I washed and detailed my car. As I was riding back from a friend's house, I noticed I streaked the windshield on the interior! I immediately felt angry at myself! Like after 3 hours of working on the car I couldn't even get that right!

Sometimes, I can think I'm second-string in God's eyes too.

Like I can't seem to get anything right! That if there were enough other players ready to play, I would be moved to the bench in a heartbeat.

But in God's eyes, I'm the starting quarterback. I'm the clean-up hitter put into the 9th inning when the team is tied. In God's eyes, he is sad I view myself on the second-string. I'm the masterpiece MVP he wants to put on display, and I'm sitting there hiding in a corner.

James 1:18 says, "He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created."

Do you get it? We are the firstfruits! The cream of the crop! Put into the game because we want to play! Not because of our own abilities, but because we have an amazing coach!


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