07 July 2011

now boarding

I finally got settled in my chair after another woman squeezed passed me to her seat by the airplane window. I opened up my book and was near brought to tears reading the words on the page. Stories of men who had stepped away from the status quo and shared their faith in Jesus in bold ways to friends.

"As soon as I finished my presentation (in Mark 5), there was a question-answer time. the first question was asked by one of the women. Politely she raised her her index finger and made a statement followed by a question: "I want to believe in Jesus. How do I do it?" I almost fell out of my chair. I had not expected a question like that to be asked in public. Most likely her husband was sitting on the other side of the room." (Jabbour CTtEotC p.169)

My heart was flooded with emotion thinking of the many ways in these past few weeks alone God has been reveling himself to me. Not in ways I expected, but in the journey and process of sanctification from this summer. I wanted to cry out and lift my hands praising God for who He is, not caring at all what the woman on the plane next to me may think. I probably would have started crying more to a greater extent had the women a few rows behind me not yelled in this exact moment burdened by an anxiety attack. The flight attendants rushed to her and my heart was filled with compassion that Jesus simply be with her in that moment.

And that is the exact picture I feel from this summer. Everything seems to be fine, but as soon as out plans lurch out of our control; we panic, worry, and question. But all the time, our pilot is in the cockpit granting us good things and peace that doesn't come from this world.

If only we all could respond so bluntly to truth presented in our lives. If only we could constantly cling to Christ, our anchor of hope. Father thank you for your gifts you give. Thank you that even when I can't see it, you are working all things together for my good and your glory.

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